Monday, June 18, 2012

The Garden of My Heart

Some days I walk away from the garden and feel such a sense of accomplishment. It's as if the battle was all mine. I was victorious! I walked in with produce in hand, my plants look amazing and I've won a round with tomato horn worms, squash borer moths and their eggs, and Japanese beetles.

And then there are the rest of the days. I come home to find the yard people have sprayed for weeds. (Hello, my tomato plants are a variety of weeds.) The squash borer moth has re-appeared and laid who knows how many eggs. A cicada killer has apparently alerted the cicada killer media that my garden is a great place to lay their eggs on paralyzed cicadas. And they guard those holes mercilessly keeping the gardener scared to death and at bay. Birds are pecking holes in the veggies. Suddenly, I'm fighting a new battle...and it's not looking good.

I have lots of discussions with God while I'm gardening. It's amazing the spiritual applications that come from planting, tending and harvesting. Today went something like this:

Me: I'm tired of bugs. And looking for their eggs. Didn't I JUST do this?
God: Yes, and those bugs never let up. It's who they are. Keep going.
Me: Can't you just make all the bad bugs go away.
God: I could.
Me: Would you?
God: No.
Me: *sigh*
God: What have you learned today?
Me: A) I cannot control everything that goes on out here. I have to trust that you have a plan that you share with me on an as needed basis. B) Satan, whom I consider the bad bugs to be from, is seeking to destroy all this hard work. So, I can't ever let my guard down. I have to spend time out here every day. Sometimes in the heat of the day, and work my rear off. And even then I might not see the fruit of my labor for a while. Maybe never. (recalling the bitter tomato disaster of last year)
God: See ya out here tomorrow. =)

"Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!" Psalm 34:8

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