Thursday, May 03, 2012

Book Review: "The Quarter Acre Farm"

My basis for a good book on gardening is the following: I learn something I didn't know before reading the book while being entertained at the same time. This book fit the bill.

The author takes a look back at her first year or so of gardening on her quarter acre lot in town. And as the whole title reads, she "Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for a Year".

A wonderful friend sent me this read knowing that I was an amature adventure gardener with aspirations to feed my own family from my own garden and plants as much as possible. While my first year was a total flop (and I'm glad I didn't go into the adventure claiming I would only eat food from my yard because I would have starved), it was fun to read how she managed.

She also includes a bunch of recipes that I will be trying with homegrown or store bought produce. Except, there is no way in hades I will ever put a snail in my mouth. (Chapter 16) Just sayin'. Also, I doubt I will every own any water foul or chickens. None the less, she does make it seem much less intimidating.

I loved the basic gardening info peppered in her story. I learned that I can plant fava beans as a winter crop to replenish the soil with nitrogen. I learned that the dragonflies I see all over my garden area are GOOD for my garden. Also, hybrid tomatoes are resistant to nematodes (which I also learned about) while heirloom tomatoes are not, making them harder to grow. See? A plethora of fun information I tell you!

Anyway, easy fun read. Good garden info. I liked her style. Recommend.

However, if you couldn't care less about urban gardening, how your food is produced, or geese, you might NOT want to read this one.

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Jennifer said...

Snails in sauted garlic with mushrooms and cheese over toast points are fab... FAB... Not sure I would eat one out of my garden, but I let the Petroleum Club make them for me every time I visit them ;)