Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today was a day. And it's still not over. It started at 4am when Reese came to my room with Reia following close behind to let me know she had thrown up. She missed the bed though and got it on the floor. (She was quite happy about that.) Over the next few hours, two more episodes and one where she didn't come get me. Bless her heart, she tried to clean it up herself.

By the end of the day, we had gone back and forth from vomiting to diarrhea (one time all over the couch), fever up and fever down, naps and a few minutes outside for some fresh air. Yes, I believe in LOTS of fresh air when your house smells like a poop/puke/Lysol combination.

The washing machine has been running all day. I'm almost out of bleach. I had to console Reia after she realized one of her hermit crabs had died. I'm praying I haven't ruined the couch cushion covers since I just threw them in the cold/hand wash cycle of the machine. And now I've got to figure out dinner.

You would think that I have really hated this day. You would be wrong.

About half way through this day it occurred to me, I was doing something I was created to do. We all have gifts and talents. Mine just aren't very glamorous, but they are very important to at least three people on this earth. And I loved every minute of serving them today. Puke, poop, prayer, cuddles, wash, Lysol, and all.