Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our New Adventure

Quite a bit has changed in the Storch house over the past 7 weeks. The big stirring up has been the addition of Homeschool to our daily routine. And while there have been many challenges and bumps in the road, we are really enjoying this time as a family.

Why Homeschool for Us?

The pursuit of homeschooling for us was never because of the poor schools in our area.  I had been very pleased so far with the education that both girls have received at the elementary school they attended. This was all about time and flexibility for us. At the end of last year I noticed how much time the girls spent away from me and Terry. Reia was participating in gymnastics twice a week right after school, Reese was going for one. That in conjunction with church activities and Terry's riding schedule left two nights a week we were home as a family. This was not my favorite scenario. I missed the girls and frankly, with that little time, I wasn't doing a great job of pouring into them like I wanted to.

I do know quite a few moms, like this one, who is extremely intentional with her kids who attend public school. And if I could have managed it like she does, they'd probably still be there!


Yep, we have those. Starting with the girls lolly gagging every morning and not really wanting to get started. What should take about two hours of focused time almost always takes four (with lunch and breaks). The girls do miss their friends, but they don't mope around about it which is good. The biggest challenge for me is getting all of my normal housekeeping done along side teaching them. God is teaching me the art of delegation in this area. They have to help now. Before it was all done when they got home. Now they are actually earning the allowance they receive. =) Which is good for all of us.


Yep! We have those too. First is the co-op we are blessed to be a part of each Thursday. It's probably the reason my kids AREN'T moping around about their friends. Reia is taking drama, PE and Zoology while Reese gets to take a cooking class, PE and Magic School Bus science. It's a good part of the day that they are exposed to other adults, other kids and other topics we may not get to cover during our school week.

Another blessing is the amount of time we have between school and after school activities. I don't miss rushing from John Ross Elem to (insert place here) every afternoon while shoving a snack down their throat and getting them changed. We just have more time and I can use it in a way that is best for us.

The last and biggest blessing (for me anyway) is my relationship with Reia. Wow, I love that kid. I did before of course, but we've both become much more demonstrative in the past month. Hugs, kisses, working together on projects. I get to talk to her from sun up to sun down about what God is doing in our family and how I pray for them and others.

So, that's it. The big change. So far, I'm loving it! I know it takes a good while to really get into a groove, so I'm looking forward to that, but if this is how it is for the rest of our school days, I can handle that too..

Happy Fall Y'all!