Friday, August 26, 2011

A Simple Healthy Lifestyle: Perspective of Meat Eating Meal Planner

This week my wonderful husband has been posting about the steps he took to a simple healthy lifestyle. In the past three years, he has dropped 60 pounds, become a competitive cyclist, and a vegetarian. I have done none of those things. =) And at first, I wasn't terribly excited about his new endeavor. After all, I was the meal planner and one who would have to figure out how to feed my new faux-vegetarian as well as the meat eating rest of us. I thought I'd share what this transition has looked like for me and the kids.

First of all, I'm not a vegetarian. While  99% of our meals are meat free, I often choose meat at restaurants and am happy to eat meat when we are visiting friends and family. Secondly, this was a very gradual change for us. I do have two uber-picky kids.

In the beginning (Yeah, tempted to throw in a little Genesis here, but you can go to for that) I started by making two meat free meals per week. And even then, I usually made a grilled chicken breast for the kids on the side. I also found meals where the meat was easy to add in or remove. Tacos are a great example of this. We would have ground beef as usual, but also a boat load of sauteed veggies on the side so Terry could just have a veggie taco.

Step two:  having three to four meatless meals a week. Still had the option of a grilled chicken breast on the side. Over time, the need for this has lessened as the girls become more accustomed to the flavors in vegetarian dishes. There are several that they even look forward to!

This is when being a fish eater, which I am not, would be sooo handy. If you are, eat a lot of fish!

Now, the only time I plan a meal that includes meat is when Terry is out of town (poppy seed chicken is still a favorite for the kids) or we are hosting people for dinner. But the vegetarian option is always there.

I am happy to answer any questions you have. Also, if you aren't on, check it out. I follow several vegetarians for meal ideas and I'm happy to share my recipes with you!

*I will try and post again soon about the health benefits to me for following my husband's lead.**

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Mandy said...

I'm going to join Plan to Eat soon. I need more yummy vegetarian recipes and e-mealz choices just aren't doing it for me. Looking forward to sharing recipes.