Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food, Family and the Dinner Table

Last week we had some friends over for dinner. I had planned a vegetarian meal that I thought would appease most everyone. We sat down to eat, visited and enjoyed our time together and after they left, I thought something seemed "off" about the meal.

I was trying to figure it out when I realized how relatively plain the meal was. It hadn't occurred to me to make a lot of sides, fillers, salads, etc. No dessert was planned although the kids located ice cream in the outside fridge I had forgotten about. And it hit me. Our family is changing how we "do" dinner.

We no longer have a meat, a veggie, a pasta or bread, some other side and dessert. Often, we have a big platter in the middle of the table, family style, full of rice/couscous, roasted veggies and more veggies.  Dinner is no longer about food. It's about family. A time to sit and visit about the day, find out what's new, what's on the agenda for the evening. Our meals consist of good real food, enough that we are fed and nourished, but not so much that we eat until we are stuffed.

The food is no longer the main attraction. We are.


Scott said...

So cool.

Chris Vaughn said...

I don't know that I could have articulated that this is what I want for my family but this post clicked the light bulb on. Thank you!

Mary said...

This is so smart. Love it!

Lorren Says... said...

We enjoyed eating at your house last much so that we've been having roasted veggies every night. :) Thanks for introducing us to new ideas!

Jemma Stemmons said...

I love it! Hoping that our family dinners move toward this.