Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Storchville Update

What I find so interesting in life is how much I change over time. What I am interested in and passionate about is so different even than what it was a few years ago. Lately, it's been all about gardening. Flowers, veggies, fruit, you name it. 

We've been working hard in the yard since the first day it warmed up, and here are some pics of the fruit (hee hee) of our labor!

The first pic is the bed that I tried to fix last year. The yew died of root rot and the "perennial" flowers I planted died of who knows what. The hostas came back beautifully though. This year I found the tall papyrus plant that will supposedly do well in very wet soil. More hostas and a fern rounded out the perennial list. And shade begonias for color. Voila! I really like the way it turned out.

Love love love the lime green colors in this hosta.

I've never had a fern come back. We'll see! 
(I kept my receipt just in case. Thank goodness for a one year guarantee.)

Again, the other bed I tried desperately to make nice last year, but it turned into a big mess. Hoping all this stuff comes back, It'll be nice to just add color next year. I do love the things we planted in here.

Tri-Colored Coral Bells above and a white hydrangea below.

Moving on....

I'm trying blueberries again this year. Three varieties and I'm already getting some fun blossoms. Love watching them grow!

These are the raised beds that will house our veggies this year. I hope we have lots to share.

Sweet lettuce growing in pots. Guess I could make a micro greens salad out of this little bit.

I'm becoming more and more passionate about a few other things I plan to start blogging about soon. What are you passionate about?