Sunday, January 16, 2011

Same Song; Different Verse

Last year at this time I posted about my three words for the year: change, action, and wisdom.  I wanted to be different in so many ways at the end of 2010, and I can say without hesitation that I am a changed person. But, I'm in no way where God wants me to be...yet.

I do realize this life lived out in Christ is a lifelong process. If I ever feel as though I've arrived, then I'm probably literally sitting at the feet of Jesus singing his glory for eternity. I almost kept my same three words in 2011. But really, change is good. So, without further ado, my words for 2011.

"Yes": Such a simple word really. I was watching a Kay Warren video this past fall and she was commenting on how we have such a hard time saying Yes to God. It's as if we are afraid that God will allow something really bad to happen to us once we do. She called it the character assassination of God. I don't want to assume God is going to allow bad things to happen to me just because I fully surrender to His will. Bad things are going to happen whether or not I say yes. I want 2011 to be a year of "yeses" to God. Take me, show me, mold me. If I look more like Jesus at the end because of that simple word, then YES!

"Trust": This word goes along with my yes. Because I really need to trust God. It's so easy to say things like "God's will is perfect." "God is Good", or "His Grace is sufficient for me." All those things are in my head, but I need for them to be in my heart. I want to truly trust God this year when he leads and where he leads. I'm asking the Holy Spirit for help on this one. I can't just Jeanie blink it into existence. (Although that would be very cool.) I think we (The Holy Spirit and I) are just going to have to walk this road together.

There is no third word this year. Two is enough. More than enough for me to try and wrap my brain around and plenty for God to help me with.

Yes, Lord. I will trust you.

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