Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Thoughts on "When Jesus Isn't Enough"

After I read this post last week, I asked myself "Is Jesus Enough"? I thought about my life and my relationship with Christ and at that point, decided maybe. If I'm being completely honest (thanks Simon Cowell for ruining that phrase forever) I wasn't sure. Do I rely too much on the things of this world and not nearly enough on Him?

But I want him to be. I want him to literally be the air I breathe. The force that sustains me each and every day. I want to be willing to lay it all down for him.

I wanted God to just tell me to sell it all and move to Africa and help the orphaned children, the sick and and dying, and live in the same place as they do. I wanted to prove myself in some dramatic gesture. Maybe then I would "get it". Maybe then my answer would be "Because I have Jesus." However, He's not asking me to do those things. Why?

I believe God called me to THIS time and THIS place in the history of the world. We are to glorify Him just as much with what we have as others do with what they don't. I think it's actually harder for me (personally) to live in this tension of "having" while others do not and not feel guilty about it or hold onto it so tightly God can't use me to pour through.

So after more reflection and prayer, I asked myself again this morning: "Is Jesus enough?"

Yes. I couldn't do this without Him. I wouldn't do this out without Him. He is the air I breathe.

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