Monday, January 17, 2011

A Journey into Mentoring: A Beginning

During this past year Craig had a message series on mentoring. In essence everyone needs to be a Paul and everyone needs to be a Timothy. Mentor and be mentored. But what if you have never mentored or even been mentored? What does it look like exactly? Where in the world do you find a mentee or mentor and when you do, what then?

"Hi, my name is Robin. I'm going to be your mentor for a while. Why don't you lie down on this couch and tell me your deepest concerns while we go through God's word verse by verse and interpret the meaning within."

After that little scenario flashed through my mind at church, I decided maybe mentoring wasn't for me. And pretty much washed my hands of it...until our small group met the next night. One of the young ladies in our group expressed she would really like a mentor. Actually, most of us expressed that sentiment, and all the wonderful things that would come out of a relationship built on that premise. And there it was, the small tug in my heart. You need to ask her if she would like you to mentor her.

For those of you who know me well, I was NOT about to go up to this woman and put myself out there like that. No way. What if she said no? What if she said yes and I completely screwed her up? So, I nicely explained to God that I was happy to do it! As long as she approached me. Then end.

And you know what? She did not approach me. The nerve. (I'm kidding)

So, there it sat for a couple of months. No one went anywhere. Until the subject came up again and the tug was there again. Sheesh. God was so not going to let this go. At that point I asked her out to have a drink and chat one evening. I had the whole speech planned out in my head ending with, "And if you don't feel like this is for you, I totally understand and won't be upset." I might as well have been giving her the Costanza, "it's not you, it's me" scene.

God love this woman. She not only accepted, she seemed legitimately happy about it! Score!

Which brings us to now. We've met a couple of times. After the first time I thought, "Hey, I think I can do this!" After the second time it was more, "Oh, Please God don't let me completely mess her up."


Carol said...

Robin, I enjoy so much your blogs. We're retired now from full-time Senior Pastoring and I've decided to write a book about being a Pastor's Wife (Public Life vs. Private Life). I love your writings so personal about yourself. Thanks; you are a phenomenal writer and I am grateful for what you share!

Kim Heinecke said...

You'll be a great mentor to anyone. I have learned much from you the past two years. And I'm a better person because of it.

I drive my tractor in pearls... said...

Ditto what Kim said!

And you are a wonderful blogger and should do it all the more...ahem :)

Cindy Beall said...

I knew you would rock at mentoring.

Lorren Says... said...

I would love for you to be my mentor. She's a blessed woman. I love that you threw a Costanza line in there, too. Yes, I noticed.