Sunday, September 19, 2010

Square Pegs and Round Holes

I've often wished I had a special talent. Something that I could really pinpoint. I know you aren't supposed to compare yourself to others, but when some of your best friends are fabulous singers, soon to be published authors, amazing speakers, or brilliant and creative bakers, it's kind of hard not to look in the mirror and ask God, "What the crap? I know you didn't screw up, but I think I'm missing something."

However, in my ongoing pursuit to be "good at something", I've signed up to be the room parent in both Reia and Reese's classes this year. Never mind that I was Reese's room parent last year and struggled the whole year just keep my head above water. I really thought after a year under my belt, it would be easier for me and what's one more class? But a manager and administrator I am not. 

So, as this last week passed me by, I realized I had quite a full plate on top of my normal to do's of running a house, running kids all over town for gymnastics etc, and just running: my favorite exercise. I started to feel very snippy ans short with my kids and with Terry. Just frustrated all around. I wanted to blame it on PMS; really I did. But that wasn't it.

After one particularly irritating day, God said this: "Why do you keep trying to do things I haven't gifted you to do? It's taking you away from the things that I have." 


I was right. I was missing something. My special talent: being a great wife to Terry and a fabulous mom to Reia and Reese. No one can do what I can for them. I kind of like it. =) It's not a talent that will get me noticed with the rest of the world, but it will with the people that matter.