Sunday, January 03, 2010

Three Words for 2010

For the past several years my husband, Terry, has come up with three words that he would have represent the new year. Last year, I just decided there was a song that I wanted to represent my year. This year, I really wanted to join him and come up with three words of my own.

I have been really pondering this, and until this morning I didn't have much. I told Terry it's because I couldn't think of just three words that I would want to sum up my year. All I knew is that I wanted to be different at the end of 2010. But while in my quiet time this morning, I managed to land on three words. (With the help of the Holy Spirit I believe.) So, without much further ado, here are my words:

Change: Like I said, I want to be a different person at the end of this year. A better person by God's standards. A wife, mother, daughter and friend closer to what God would have me be. A continuous and permanent change that can only come from God's intervention in my life. Not sure that this can be quantified, but at the end of the year, I'll let you know.

Action: I have so many friends and neighbors who need to see the love of Jesus in my life. Not just hear me yap about Him. I pray that 2010 would be a year that my neighbors and friends would see Jesus lived out in my life daily, whether or not they hear me utter a word.

Wisdom: This really had more to do with my kids. I do not believe there is any perfect parenting trick/tip/plan. Our kids are all different, even with our own families. I want wisdom to know the best way to lead each of our girls into a life personified by Christ. Knowing ultimately, it is their decision. I saw this quote from a friend who read an article in Christianity today: "We will parent imperfectly, our children will make their own choices, and God will mysteriously and wondrously use it all to advance His kingdom."