Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mini-Me at Metro

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God never ceases to amaze me; especially in regard to my children. Reia is so often so much like me that I forget God has given her some of Terry's traits. He is athletic, fearless, limber and outgoing. I am not. Since Reia is studious and an introvert, it never occurred to me that she could also be limber and have some athletic abilities. And she does. (She is super limber in case you can't tell.)

Tonight at parents' night I got to snap pictures and take video of all that Reia has learned in the past five months. I often watch through the windows anyway, and she is just stunning to me. I shouldn't be shocked at how well she seems to be doing, but I am anyway.

I'm learning so much by being her mother. I hope I never put her in a box based on my assumptions of what she is capable of. I hope she continues to grow and mature into a beautiful young lady. I hope she knows how immensely proud of her I am. She continues to blow me away by just being the precious little girl God has created her to be.

Reia, darling, you are a Rock Star!


dusty takle said...

Good Lord Almighty. WHO can make their body do that?

Impressive. Rock Star, indeed!

Brian Russell said...

I still more think of Reese as mini Robin & Reia as mini Terry. Nonetheless I'd love to see limber Terry perform that same move.

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