Sunday, December 06, 2009

Deeper Still OKC: Thoughts and Take Away

I had the amazing opportunity to spend the weekend at the Deeper Still event being held in OKC. Several of my Bible study girls had been planning on going for a while, and when offered a ticket, I jumped at the chance. First and foremost, because it meant time with my the women who have helped me grow so much over the past year; secondly, because it meant connecting with a friend I had once traveled to Savannah with to eat at Paula Deen's Lady and Sons. We haven't seen each other in 3 1/2 years! I also was getting to connect with several friends I have "met" via the twitter. And lastly, but by no means least, because I was beside myself at the chance to see Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer speak and give us a glimpse into their knowledge of the Word of God. I planned to be a very happy sponge for two days. And I was not disappointed on any front.

My BSers: We weren't all able to be there, but Cindy, Christi, Dusty, Amy, Deleise, Mandy (honorary BSer for the evening) and I made the long 20 min drive to downtown. And even though we left three hours before the event, we still ended up eating dinner at the Cox concessions stands. One word: rip-off. Is that really two words? Or does the hyphen still make it one? Anyway, I was thankful that Cindy had plenty of cash, other wise I would have been hungry and tired instead of just tired when the evening was over.

They are just a fun group to hang out with. We challenge and encourage each other even in a setting like Deeper Still. Christi asked me such a good question on Saturday: "Robin, what are you passionate about?" I've never been asked and never really thought about it. Even though I gave her an answer, I have a feeling I will be reflecting on that question and talking to God about it quite a bit over the next months.

And, thanks to Amy and a discussion about one of her tweets, I've decided to ask God to interrupt my day. You just never know what he is going to show you.

The Brownie Song: Do you know that Girl Scout song that goes something like "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other Gold."? That was what it was like when I got to see my friend Sophie (after way too long) and meet several new friends (Pam Case and Paige Greene) I had been twitter friends with for a while. We were all able to go out to dinner Saturday night and talk in sound bites longer than 140 characters. I wish we had had more time, but I will take what I can get and know I walked away a little richer for time spent with genuine women who genuinely love God!

The Speakers: Kay, Beth and Priscilla are some of the most amazing women of God I've had the privilege to hear. I am calling them by first name out of sheer laziness, not because I'm on a first name basis or anything. =) For this I thought I just give you what was the most important take away I got from each of their teachings.

Kay: When Jesus is in the garden with his disciples He asks them to "watch and pray". (Ok, she mostly spoke on the ENTIRE book of Hebrews, but this was the thing that really got me thinking. I realized that we all have issues or stumbling blocks. Things that maybe we continually struggle with. And we need to WATCH and PRAY. Don't let your guard down. It's not like most of our struggles just sneak up on us. We know what they are. But I get lazy or think "I" have it licked. So I stop watching for it and praying about it. That's when I lose.

Priscilla: I've never heard her speak, but let me tell you, this woman can communicate her message. Loud and clear. My take away from her was simple: God can. More than I can imagine or dream up. It's His choice as to whether or not He will. But make no mistake about it. He. Can. I've decided I love this so much I'm just gonna ask and then some. Since He can, who am I to even think that He won't? I'm trashing the box I have around God starting now.

Beth: I've heard Beth speak several time before this. I just love her. As I watched her talk to us, she continually got on her knees. I determined this woman spends more time on her knees than her feet. We should all be so faithful. Her talk was on spiritual discernment. I took notes and all, but really she helped me put a finger on something (or really someone) I've had a gut check on for a while. I may have just let it go, but now I feel as though I have a plan. Hopefully, God will use me to help this person.

It was a great weekend. If you have the opportunity to see these women together or even individually, I highly recommend it. Thanks to the hard work of everyone who put Deeper Still together!

**On a lighter note, I hope Paige notices I finally started spelling her name right. =)


Cindy Beall said...

Ditto on everything except the concession stand. My corn dog was da bomb. You totally should have gotten the corn dog.


Natalie @ I AM (not) said...

Crying that I missed it! :)

PEZmama said...

Those kinds of weekends are always so refreshing, in every way it seems. Glad to hear you had such a great time.

And I would like to know how you answered the "what are you passionate about" question. I was just thinking about what I am passionate about this evening, and wondering if you can be passionate about something without people knowing it... maybe we should ask OTHER people what they think we are passionate about.

boomama said...

Love you! Loved seeing you!

dusty takle said...

Concession stand food? Blech. A Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake? Perfection.

Loved being with you.

Susie said...

Love that you got to go Robin, and got to share it with special women. The ladies of Deeper Still are such top notch teachers. Anxious to see what your passion is, and how you can be used of God-not that you aren't already a blessing to so many!