Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wanting My Hands in the Dirt!

For as long as I can remember, I've looked forward to fall and the holiday season starting in about August (or July if it was crazy hot). There is just something about the cooling of the air, leaves falling, and preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas by decorating, shopping and baking that captured my heart and imagination.

But this year has been different. For the first time as long as I can remember, I am kind of wishing Christmas away. Why? I am ridiculously excited about the garden I am planning for next spring. Secretly, I wish I could spend all the money I have saved for Christmas gifts on gardening supplies and seeds!

I tried my hand at container gardening this past spring and summer. I did learn quite a bit and while I was researching for next year, I came across a book called Square Foot Gardening. Now, I'm even more excited about planting tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and a variety of herbs next year using a combination of both container and square foot gardening.

Of course, I might feel differently right now if the high tomorrow was 50 instead of 80. =)

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superpaige said...

I did square foot gardening for the first time this year, and I must say it was a success! It was so fun to see my garden all laid out in nice neat little squares, and then to see them grow.

But really, you'll have to wait until spring to start, unless you live in Arizona or Florida or somewhere hot.