Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Movember to Remember

From Drop Box

At the beginning of the month Terry decided to participate in Movember. For this, I apparently have Josh Turmel to thank. (Josh, there will be something "special" in your Christmas goodies this year. =) ) I'm wondering if his wife would be willing to start a Movember Wives Support Group with me. Hmmmm. Food for thought, but back to the issue at hand.

What is Movember you ask? Yeah, I wondered who came up with this delightful event myself.

From the Movember website: Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of the moustache. Highlighting men's health issues-specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

So, for the rest of the month, I get to see Terry in his 'stache making jokes about Smoky and the Bandit. I'm surprised he hasn't asked for a new Trans Am for Christmas.

As for me, I'm counting down the days until December 1.


Cindy Beall said...

Ah, he'd look awesome in a Trans Am.

Lorren Says... said...

Ok, your title reminded me of a Senfield episode, "Fesitvus for the rest of us!". You are a kind woman to let Terry do that. Aaron wanted to and I wouldn't let him.

Glad you are blogging more! Love reading up on your life. :)

molly said...

that is stinkin' hilarious!!! i totally didn't even recognize him!