Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Reese

Reese Renee Storch was born 5 years ago today. The first words I said when I held her were, "I could have a thousand of you." (Terry's response was, "But I just got you on video saying you never wanted to give birth again.") Didn't matter. That little bundle had our hearts from the word go.

She was a great baby. Slept well. Wasn't fussy. Good eater. And, as I have always thought to be true, you will pay the piper at some point. She has been a mischief monkey as soon as she could crawl. She's still a wonderful kid, but we have our hands full!

In honor of her birthday, I thought I'd give you a few tidbits about our big kid:

Reese is INQUISITIVE: Reese will study something and then completely demolish it by taking it apart.

Reese is ARTISTIC: She will color on anything she can find including furniture and herself. (I'm praying that the magic eraser continues to work in our home.)

Reese is PERSISTENT and KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS: She will argue with you about the color of the sky (never gives up her point of view) and will ask you a question only to tell you you're wrong when you answer. Huh?

Reese is a TRENDSETTER: Her outfits? She certainly has her own style and sense of fashion.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Your momma and daddy love you. And even though I could have had a thousand of you, there's no way I could have handled a thousand of you. =)

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Susie said...

Love reading about your Reese! She is a precious child for sure! Hope she has a great birthday, and praying for her to use her uniqueness for God's glory as she grows up! With great parents like you and Terry, she is destined for greatness!

Christi said...

Ah- I love her unique personality. She is precious. Hope you have a great day celebrating her b-day :)

dusty takle said...

I like that girl. Reallly need to get her with Anna.