Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Recycle Your Clothes and Spend a Fortune

I was watching the fashion portion of the Today show this morning. I was very excited because they were supposedly going to talk about how to take your summer wardrobe pieces and convert them to fall/winter pieces if you were unable to buy all new winter clothes. I'm all about reuse, reduce and recycle, so I was certainly tuned in. Also, I don't have a budget for new clothes and will take all the help I can get.

Their first model was sporting a cute purple print sundress. The re-do included some cute black pants, a sweater and jacket. The three additional articles were $50 each. (They said under $50. To their credit the items were $49.95, but really, who's kidding who? I'm handing over a $50 bill if I want any one of those items.) Bohemian was the look that was achieved, and it only cost $150!

What the heck?! How is me having to spend $150 for ONE OUTFIT saving me anything?

Sadly, each outfit was the same way. Sure you can take your summer stuff, add $150-$200 worth of merchandise and wa-la! Whole new wardrobe. Duh.

All I have to say is :

Dear Today Show,

I bet a lot of stay at home moms watch your show. I'll even bet a lot of those moms sacrifice to be able to stay at home. Therefor we cannot afford to spend $150 on one outfit even if a portion has been recycled from summer. Please show me how to get a whole wardrobe for $150 and I will happily tune in. Better yet, please just buy me some new clothes. I'll even take leftovers from your wardrobe department. Except Natalie Morales' clothes. I'd have to lose 45 pounds to fit into them.

Best Regards,


Rachel Cobb said...

Those things drive me crazy~! You seriously should send this to them!!!

Susie said...

That is why I will continue to shop at Ross, Target and Marshalls (wish we had a TJ Maxx). The only time I would ever spend $50 bucks on something is for a coat, or a dress for a wedding. The Today show is not really in tune with the state of our finances today. Even when I worked outside the home, $150 for an outfit would be overindulgence.

Lorren Says... said...

$150 would buy me a new wardrobe, or pay for half a plane ticket for me to come see you. Either way, I'm good.