Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because I Didn't Want to go to Hell, That's Why

I grew up in a very traditional Southern Baptist church. And the summer after I turned seven, I walked the aisle at Vacation Bible School professing Jesus as my Savior. My understanding was limited and frankly, I was trying to get out of hell. Looking back it was more of a "get out of hell free" walk. None the less, God took me and my itty bitty faith and understanding, and managed to keep me close to Him for many many years before I finally understood that how I walked my life on this earth was also important. Life wasn't just about the end result.

Last night at the dinner table Reia just pops up and says, "Mom, last week at church I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life." And then she continued eating her fish. Needless to say, my eyebrows went up and I started to ask a few questions.

I asked her why she has made that decision. She informed me in a very round about seven year old way, that she wanted to be more like Jesus and do the things that would make Him proud, and for Him to lead her in life.

Not a word about hell. (That did come up when Terry asked his questions to her when he got home.)

Needless to say I was ecstatic about her decision. It's something Christian parents pray for from the day their kids are born. But my prayer has never been that she would "become a Christian". My prayer has always been that my girls would seek Him, love Him and want to be closer to Him each and every day. Because if they are doing those things, with all of their hearts, I have no worries as to where I will find them when we leave this earth.

And to the God whom I love and trust: thank you for this amazing answered prayer.

**Special note to Lifechurch.tv kids peeps: you are such a blessing. God has used you to plant seeds and help this decision along. So happy to partner with you!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just Recycle Your Clothes and Spend a Fortune

I was watching the fashion portion of the Today show this morning. I was very excited because they were supposedly going to talk about how to take your summer wardrobe pieces and convert them to fall/winter pieces if you were unable to buy all new winter clothes. I'm all about reuse, reduce and recycle, so I was certainly tuned in. Also, I don't have a budget for new clothes and will take all the help I can get.

Their first model was sporting a cute purple print sundress. The re-do included some cute black pants, a sweater and jacket. The three additional articles were $50 each. (They said under $50. To their credit the items were $49.95, but really, who's kidding who? I'm handing over a $50 bill if I want any one of those items.) Bohemian was the look that was achieved, and it only cost $150!

What the heck?! How is me having to spend $150 for ONE OUTFIT saving me anything?

Sadly, each outfit was the same way. Sure you can take your summer stuff, add $150-$200 worth of merchandise and wa-la! Whole new wardrobe. Duh.

All I have to say is :

Dear Today Show,

I bet a lot of stay at home moms watch your show. I'll even bet a lot of those moms sacrifice to be able to stay at home. Therefor we cannot afford to spend $150 on one outfit even if a portion has been recycled from summer. Please show me how to get a whole wardrobe for $150 and I will happily tune in. Better yet, please just buy me some new clothes. I'll even take leftovers from your wardrobe department. Except Natalie Morales' clothes. I'd have to lose 45 pounds to fit into them.

Best Regards,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am starting a book club/study tonight on the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge with several women from my neighborhood this evening. It's been a while since I've read it and frankly, I'm not sure I paid much attention to it then. From what I've read so far (the introduction and Chapter One), I think I'm going to like it.

**On a side note, I just made my four year old come in from outside to hand me the remote. I'm pitiful.

Here are the questions we will be discussing tonight:

1) When was the first time you felt like a woman? (p.4)
This was an easy answer for me. The first time I deboned a chicken. Seriously, my hands were deep in a chicken carcass and suddenly I was my mom. A grown-up who was feeding her family in a way my mom did. I loved it.

2) What if anything, do you feel guilty about? (p.8)
Some days I feel guilty about more things than I don't feel guilty about. I'm still transitioning from the working mom (plenty to feel guilty about there) to a stay at home mom. Why do I still feel guilty? I don't know. But I am more calm while feeling guilty now and I don't scream at the kids as much. Actually, hardly ever. God help us all during PMS week. Can I get an AMEN?

3) Do you agree with Stasi that all women crave the following three things?: to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil beauty.
Not sure I agree with them all. I'm not an adventurist (is that a word? It is now.) by nature. Maybe we all crave a bit of all three, but more so one than the other. I'm interested in other thoughts on this one.

And since I do have the remote now, I'm off to watch the news!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stray Cat-1; Daddy-0

While on my run yesterday a sweet orange and white kitty began to follow us. (I say kitty because it wasn't full grown cat and not quite a kitten anymore, for the record.) Not only did it not eventually turn back, but kept with my running partner and myself for two and a half miles. And naturally, since I have "sucker" stamped on my forehead, as we came to our homes, kitty followed me to mine.

Of course, Terry is very allergic to cats. So kitty had to stay outside much to the mortification of my children. They were immediately smitten with the kitten. =) The cat sat on the window ledge outside while the girls talked to it through the window from the inside. Eventually, I had to take the girls to school and was hoping kitty would find it's way home by the time I returned.

No. Such. Luck.

Kitty was still waiting when I came home. And kitty was still waiting after I picked Reese up from pre-school. And naturally, Reese started begging. She really wanted the potentially disease contaminated animal in the house. I gently reminded her that her daddy was very allergic to cats and we couldn't even let kitty in (as I was calling animal control).

She thought for a minute and came up with this solution:

"If Daddy dies, and you don't die, can the kitty come in then. I think I'll name him Fred."

At least she decided to keep me around.