Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Vacation

We have been on summer vacation for one week. 
So far, we have cleaned house only to mess it up again. 

Slathered boatloads of sunscreen on our bodies before many trips to the pool. 

Taken Reese for her four year shots and checkup, and then for ice creams afterward. 

Bought a OKC Zoo membership and actually went once.

Had my niece in town for a visit. She will be here until the 15th. I think she's bored. Are 13 yr old ever NOT bored?

Read a novel (see my reading list on the side bar over there.) And am starting another today with three on the nightstand waiting for my attention.

And now I really need to get back in the blogging game. On top of the two I barely keep up with, I am going to start another with a friend.  Because, really, I can't sit completely still.

I do need a  few more weeks of downtime before I can get the show on the road so to speak. The best part is I will have time to work on stuff and not feel crunched with the end of summer! Yay! 

See you guys with a new post soon. No, really. I will.

1 comment:

Lorren said...

Glad you are back blogging. Wish I was there to help you enjoy that swimming pool!

By the way, I have determined that I am hearing from God. It's just that he's saying "no" and "wait" and I don't like that. :) Thanks for calling this morning! Love you!