Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Green!

Terry and I are trying to do our part for the environment. Going a little more green if you will. So, here's what we have been up to for the past month or so...

This is the composter we bought at Sam's. Very easy to put together and it's so nice to put vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, etc in there instead of the trash. The girls love taking the "peels bucket" out there and adding it in. Next spring we will have wonderful dirt to use in our garden.

This is our new rain cistern. (Also purchased at Sam's. ) The gutter spout pours into it and collects up to 50 gallons every time it rains. The first time I watered our plants with the water from here I was so excited! It's a completely gratifying feeling knowing I'm not wasting water. Besides, I have to attempt to make up for my long hot showers and running the water while I brush my teeth. =)

We will be working in the flower beds this weekend. Another great Sam's find was the recycled tire mulch. The color won't fade by next year and the mulch itself is dense enough that it won't blow or float away. I'm hoping the plants do well under it. I guess we'll see. The above pic is the flat of begonia, some other little cute flowered ground cover, and several types of potato vine I will be installing this weekend. I can't wait to see it filled out about half way through the summer.

This pic above and below are the pots I planted this afternoon. Last year they were filled with geraniums, asparagus vine, potato vine and some tiny while flowing flower. This year, I wanted to plant herbs in them. Above we have several types of basil, parsley and chives. As just the pretty filler I added several coleus, a spikey thing, those bunches of white flowers and asparagus fern. The filler is the same below but the herbs are a lemon and traditional basil, cilantro and oregano. 

I'm still new at all of this, but I really enjoyed picking things out that I thought would go well together. I still need some mint, and a few more veggie plants, but they are going in the back yard. More on that later.



Lorren said...

Look at you! I am so impressed. I think I would be most successful at the rain catcher. No work is involved in that. :)

monica said...

i recently read that it's illegal to capture rain water in colorado. because the state owns it... so they say and so i heard... a bit nuts!

Krystal said...

Your herbs look so beautiful! Go girl!

molly said...

your pots look great! come do mine?

Kristina said...

Hey Robin! It's Kristina Fricke... I watched your girls for the week years ago when you went to Miami, I think it was? Anyways, just wanted to tell you that my fiance and I were watching the Dave Ramsey town hope simulcast at church Thursday, and kept seeing the camera pan to you and Terry over and over again! I think I scared my fiance when I jumped and yelled, "I know them!! The Storches!!" haha! Thought you'd get a kick out of that... Have a great weekend!!!

PEZmama said...

Jealous of the rain-barrel. I want one, but we haven't gotten one yet? How does it work with the spout being on top? (I've only seen ones where the hose connects on the bottom.) And do you have to do anything special to control mosquitos?

The composter rocks. I've had mine for almost two years and still don't have enough compost to cover our garden. We've put entire trees worth of leaves in there... it just compacts so much.... takes a long time to make a decent amount of compost (but I'm not giving up!)

Love the planters with all those fun plants too.

Robin said...

Pez, the hose to release water connects at the bottom and the gutter tubing goes in at the top. Haven't had any mosquito issues yet. I'm guessing 50 gal of water won't last very long when it stops raining. =)

Shaun Groves has a post up somewhere near the top about how he built his rain cisterns. Not sure the web address but if you google shlog, it will surely come up!!