Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. I was sure it would just poke along with Terry being gone for such an extended period of time. But we managed to keep ourselves busy! The girls and I traveled to Frisco, Texas for a few days to pass the time, see some friends and then bring my niece home with us for a few days. 

We started off at my friend Holly's house. She and I haven't gotten a chance to visit, really sit and catch up, for a very long time. I forgot how much we had to talk about! Plus we spent dinner on Saturday at Blue Mesa where I enjoyed my favorite avocado enchiladas. Yum-my. Made my mouth so happy.

After a night with Holls, we trotted over to IKEA to eat some Swedish meatballs, let our kids play in SmaLand while we strolled around trying to spend money. Oddly enough, I found only $10 worth of stuff I couldn't live without. 

The next day we took all the girls to a nail salon where Richelle and I got pedis and the girls got their nails painted. See below:

After our super duper time at Chelle's, we drove to my  mom's to spend the night. It was my grandfather's 87th birthday. For his birthday we all got steak and cake for dinner. I think it should be his birthday every day. Slept like a log that night. Partying with your friends two nights in a row will wear you out. (They will laugh if they read this. )

On our day to return home, Mom and I stopped in the TJMaxx Homegoods. (Yet another gem we need here in the OKC area. Hello OKC? Anyone listening? Chamber of Commerce? Anyone?) I bough this adorable top and shorts there. (See below for all purchases.) Gotta love a deal. Actually, I spent more on the shirt than I would normally, but just loved loved loved it. Besides, it looked so cute with the fabulous spring bag that Terry bought for me. (He's an amazing man people.) AND, I can wear them with the orange sandals I got a Target a few weeks ago. Now I have 3 outfits to go with those shoes. 

The Shoes:
Once back in OKC, we stayed very busy cleaning this house. It was a total pit! Frankly, this will probably be the last deep clean it will get until summer. 10 weeks away!

Lastly, and I need to throw a TMI alert in here because I am going to divulge some very personal information about me. If you don't want to know about bra sizes and how messed up women are when they buy them, stop reading now! (If you are leaving: Bye! Come back soon!)

Ok, part of the spring break festivities included going to Dillard's with my gift certificate on the hunt for a strapless bra. The nice lady in intimates (I should have know by the department name I would be more intimate with Joan than I wanted to be) asked me if I had ever been properly fitted. I asked her if by "properly fitted" she meant I took 14,000 different bras into the dressing room and tried them all on until I found the right one, then yes. Otherwise, no. So, she marched me back to a fitting room where I was completely mortified. I'm sure Joan sees all kinds of hooters, but only the only people who see mine are either married to me or giving me some sort of physical examination. Which is also very embarrassing. Joan knows too much about me now. I may have to "take care of her". 

She told me most women buy cup sizes too small, and the number too big. Needless to say, the 34B I was wearing was all wrong. And she showed me all the ways it was wrong. Who knew buying a bra was so complicated. She then told me the size I SHOULD be wearing, a 30D. At which point I had to burst out laughing. Because really people, when I think of women who wear a D, I think some pretty major bazoongas. Not little ole me. 

But let me tell you, here I sit, in that size, with an empty wallet, in the most comfortable bra I think I've ever worn. Amazing. It may make eating ramen noodles for the rest of the week totally worth it. 

Spring Break 2009. What an adventure it has been!


Nicole Knox said...

I love that you tell TMI ha ha. I might need to go soon.

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I miss seeing you!

Christi said...

Sounds like you did a good job of passing the time while Terry was gone. Love your new clothes!! (and I do love homegoods as well!). Can't wait to see you Wed.:)

molly said...

dillards here or texas? maybe i should go find joan and see what she can do for me?! ha ha

Lorren said...

The outfit is adorable and I love the shoes. Who says you need surgery to go from a C to a D in one day?? :)

By the way, Reia looks so much older in that picture!

Bre said...

haha that is too funny. i got "fitted" at a dillards too and i THOUGHT i was a b, but the dillards chick said i was a dd...i was like what the heck?!? you are so wrong. but whatever..that one fit, so i bought it. well then i got fitted at victorias secret because i knew i was NOT a double d and sure enough the lady was like nope wrong. she basicly said that dillards always says you are way bigger than you are...just a little tmi info for ya ;)

Robin said...

Bre, so would you suggest me going to a VS and getting re-fitted? And how far off were they? I'm depressed now.

Krystal said...

I don't know who "Bre" is - but what a kill-joy... geez! If a gal gets told they're a "D", let her enjoy it for a moment! Actually, I think you're an "E", Robin! :-)

Susie said...

KA-UTE! Love all the purchases! I wish we had a TJMaxx too. Well, maybe not if that have all that cute stuff and I'm trying to spend less. Anyway, you did good girl!