Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Waiting for the 4th Greatest Gift of My Life

Well,  in a sad turn of events, my Mac died. *cue death march here* I wasn't sure what Terry planned to do. After all, I don't really care what kind of computer I have. My last three have been his hand me downs. Which is great when your husband works on the digerati team. He gets lots of good stuff.

This time there is no hand me down. Although sitting at his computer now writing this post, I can see it would ROCK. Big beautiful silver Mac. I'm sure it has an official title from the Apple people, but I just know it's very large, runs like butta, and is shiny new. But it is shiny new and Terry is not about to give it up. 

So, my beloved tells me in the middle of his flu induced psychosis, he was going to find me a used Mac laptop. He had feelers out for one since so many of his tech-y buds upgrade more frequently than normal people. I was okay with that. Heck, I've been itching for a laptop for a while. And used is good. I like a deal. Actually, that's the reason I have so many "cute" clothes in my closet I never wear. They were a good deal. I really need to stop that.

Then I get an direct Tweet that my laptop has shipped and he got a great deal and free shipping. Do you know what that means? A new one people! 

I. Cannot. Wait. 

I keep checking out the door just in case the UPS or FedEx man comes while I'm not looking. I gave it up last night around 10 p.m.  

When it gets here I'll let you know. I may have to find the coolest wi-fi spots in Edmond to visit so I can sit and blog like some of my uber-cool friends. I hear Panera is very good. 


Lorren said...

Yay! That is very exciting!

Sarah Markley said...

Hey Robin! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I have soft spots in my heart for cindy and natalie, and therefore Oklahoma in general.

So happy you are getting a new computer. that is very exciting. =)


Krystal said...

Glad the tornado missed you (not by much I hear).

Runningmama said...

S.J. (That is "so jealous".) Clunk. Wheeze. Grind. (And that is my computer belching out another blog comment for me.)

Runningmama said...

Dare I ask what a new Mac goes for these days? Sigh...

dusty takle said...

1) Jealous.
2) Call me or DM me when you go to Panera to blog. I'll join.
K? Thanks.