Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life in America

Working with students from all over the globe will certainly open your eyes to new cultures and languages. Okay, I don't actually understand anything other than a smidge of Spanish, but still. And now I am getting the opportunity to work with two women who are here from South Korea obtaining their masters degrees in bilingual education. I found myself asking as many questions today about their lifestyles as they were asking me about teaching English as a second language.

Today I had lunch with Mee-Sook Yoon. She graciously goes by Michelle so I don't have to butcher her beautiful name every time I say it. As we were talking she began explaining how she had to "run away" from her family. At the ripe old age of 33, her parents and grandparents have told her she is too old to get married. And, as the middle child, she defiantly refused to be the second one to get married. Her younger and older sisters are now married and her parents have told her maybe a "blond haired American" is her only hope. 

I had to just laugh. She's gorgeous. I personally think any "blond haired American" would be lucky to have a woman who can fluently speak two languages and is a world traveler.

We discussed education and how appalled the teachers in Korea would be if they had to put up the antics of American children. She also told me that even though high school is required in S. Korea, it is paid for by the families. I don't really want to pay for my kids to go tohigh school, but I think there may be something to that. 

These teachers are giving me a run for my money. They have experience already, and I'm supposed to teach them more. But I have a pretty sneaky suspicion I will be learning just as much from them.

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Lorren said...

What a great experience. I know they enjoyed getting to know and spend time with you. Were they able to speak Korean to any of your students from Korea?