Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weather Drama

About a week ago I commented to a friend that maybe, just maybe, we would be out of school early since we still hadn't used any snow days. I should have known it would be the kiss of cold death. And it was. Monday afternoon, the weather drama ensued.

I'm okay with weather drama. But I think cold, especially extreme cold, is only good for two things: Christmas and snow. If the mercury dips below freezing, I better be enjoying one of those two things. Both? Even better!

Anyhoo, this is our 3rd snow day. (Which is pretty stupid. I think we could have made it with maybe just a late opening today. I am not however the district that would have it's pants sued off if something tragic happened to a child.) And I am slowing making a list in my head of all the things I could accomplish today. The kinds of things that don't get done on the weekend. Cleaning out of the closets; rearranging furniture; finding a decorating vision for our bedroom.(check, check, check by the way!) 

Reia has her homework packet and a project due tomorrow, and I am writing my first post in forever. In reality, I have several in draft, but they were pretty heavy and some days the words I have in my heart for my gratefulness for God aren't enough. 

Also, all of this is making me think more about the stay at home mommy thing which will officially start in May. I think I may not count the summer because my plans are, wake up, eat, pool, lunch, nap, playtime, dinner, bath and bed. Every day.  

Yeah, that sounds really nice right about now. Not nice enough to go try on bathing suits, but I'm definitely ready.

What do you do during snow days? 

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Kelly said...

Love snow days! Even if nothing gets accomplished I just love the sudden, unavoidable change in plans.

Our snow day traditions are making chili and snow cream... (ice cream form the snow). Just like you I always seem to get inspired to clean out a closet or something organizational. I think it may have something to do with my frustration at trying to find all the snow gear and determining that I must create order from the chaos.

So excited for you to be a stay at home mommy again. Sounds