Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

A new school year means much more to me than the actual new year. I still feel like I am in the middle of the year right now. None the less, I am committing to something new in 2009.  I am planning on running my first half marathon in April. Sixteen weeks from Sunday to be exact. 

I am also trying to actually change my eating habits. For real this time. I was going to try Weight Watchers, but frankly until I decide to spend the money on the stuff, I am going to simply calorie count. Terry encouraged me to sign up on to keep track of calories and exercising. So far, it's pretty easy and the things I eat are already in the system. That means I don't have a lot of leg work to do. I've tried other sites where I have had to type in everything manually. This is much easier.

I will also be involved in a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. It's been a while since I have been able to do this and I am super excited to be able to meet and get to know better the likes of her, her, her and many others.  That starts on Wednesday, so I will be back to getting nothing done until the weekends through June. It's only five months...I can deal with that.

And speaking of five months. That is the amount of time I have left as a working mommy! Yay! I still wake up and wonder how much I am going to miss my job next year, but as soon as I get a look at all that needs to be done around the home, I realize I am ready to be a home maker again. I just have to focus on giving 100% of myself at work and staying away from short timers disease. Never burn any bridges!

All of that to say, Happy New Year! Praying this is they best one yet!


Cindy Beall said...

YAY! Can't wait til Wednesday and five months from now!

Lorren said...

I'm excited to run the half with you. Let me rephrase that. If running a half means that I get to come visit you, then I'm running the half. Hold me, mommy, I'm scared!

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

I'm so excited that you will get to be home again! Congratulations on making that happen!

Enjoy your Bible study. It's been a good while since I had the pleasure of a ladies' morning Bible study. Someday...

Nicole Knox said...

I am so glad you are coming on Wednesday morning!

Robin Meadows said...

It was great to finally meet you yesterday!

And I'm excited about your running the half-marathon. Anna ran it last year and is planning to run the full this year, and Abbi is planning to run the 1/2 too.

I'll come and cheer you on ;)

Looking forward to lots of Wednesday connections!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

wow! running a half a marathon. That's great. Make sure you hubby takes a pic of you crossing the finish line. :) Happy New Year! xoxo, Joanna