Saturday, January 31, 2009


When I was growing up I don't recall my mom going to many baby or wedding showers that weren't held at the school. When the party is in the teacher's lounge and food is present, teachers just show up after work with a gift for the bride or new momma and a gift of gab. It's pretty simple. I don't recall ever seeing R.S.V.P. on any of the "invitations" hung on the bulletin board beside the teachers' boxes. So, not only have I never heard my mother discuss the use of the R.S.V.P, but I'm not sure I really knew of it's importance until I got married.

Now that I think about it, who needed R.S.V.P's when you were a kid. We weren't so crazy busy. If a neighborhood kid or fellow student invited you to his or her birthday party, you came. Your parents practically forced you. It was two to three hours of free babysitting on a Saturday afternoon. Ahhhh, the sheer bliss. I bet my parents just walked around the house and enjoyed the silence or maybe sat on the couch and watched something other than cartoons. We only had one t.v. so we had to share. 

But today the R.S.V.P. is very important. Because you see, WE are all very important. Every one is now crazy busy with extra-curricular activities, traveling or really needing to rest from the week of busyness. It's important to let people know if you plan to attend their gathering. 

What I have found over the past ten years of throwing my own wedding showers, baby showers and children's parties is that people are rude. They think their time is much more precious than yours and you should be so lucky that they would even show up at your gathering, has just become some sort of "if it suits my mood" option. 


It's just rude to not let someone know whether you are coming or NOT. Unless the invitation says "Regrets Only", (In which case if you don't have to notify unless you aren't coming. It's a new and popular trend.) please just call or e-mail. 

Why is this soooo important? Well, apparently the party in question thought you special enough to invite you in the first place. You should think enough of them to not want to waste their time or money. When people don't respond at all, I usually consider they may still show up. Which means I am making enough food to feed them, purchasing enough plates, forks and cups to put said food on, or enough party favors for their child to take home. 

Okay, getting off my soapbox. Some help please? 

We are attending a birthday party this morning for one of Reese's friends. She is very excited and now that I have typed all of this, I am hoping Terry actually passed my R.S.V.P. along to the birthday boy's mother. Otherwise, I may get some funny looks when I show up!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weather Drama

About a week ago I commented to a friend that maybe, just maybe, we would be out of school early since we still hadn't used any snow days. I should have known it would be the kiss of cold death. And it was. Monday afternoon, the weather drama ensued.

I'm okay with weather drama. But I think cold, especially extreme cold, is only good for two things: Christmas and snow. If the mercury dips below freezing, I better be enjoying one of those two things. Both? Even better!

Anyhoo, this is our 3rd snow day. (Which is pretty stupid. I think we could have made it with maybe just a late opening today. I am not however the district that would have it's pants sued off if something tragic happened to a child.) And I am slowing making a list in my head of all the things I could accomplish today. The kinds of things that don't get done on the weekend. Cleaning out of the closets; rearranging furniture; finding a decorating vision for our bedroom.(check, check, check by the way!) 

Reia has her homework packet and a project due tomorrow, and I am writing my first post in forever. In reality, I have several in draft, but they were pretty heavy and some days the words I have in my heart for my gratefulness for God aren't enough. 

Also, all of this is making me think more about the stay at home mommy thing which will officially start in May. I think I may not count the summer because my plans are, wake up, eat, pool, lunch, nap, playtime, dinner, bath and bed. Every day.  

Yeah, that sounds really nice right about now. Not nice enough to go try on bathing suits, but I'm definitely ready.

What do you do during snow days? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give Me Your Eyes

So far in 2009 I've read posts about New Years resolutions, people who have a "word" for 2009, or in my husband's case, three words for the year. (I do like his choice of words this year by the way.) And I did consider all of those. 

But ever since I heard this song toward the end of 2008, I knew it would be my song, my prayer, for 2009 or maybe longer. It speaks volumes to me every time I hear it. I have spent so much of my life living for me. In general, I am completely oblivious to the world around me. I don't see those people right outside my comfort zone of close friends, immediate family and work relationships. (It's partly in my nature to be unable to focus on more than, I don't know, 1 thing at a time. Ugh!)

And there are so many more people. Right here, right now.

I want to be different. I want to be different for Jesus and because of Jesus. I want to see who He sees and how He sees them. And then I want to do what He does. Care for them. Love them where they are. Serve them.

Here's my prayer. Here's to 2009.

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes from Brandon Heath on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

A new school year means much more to me than the actual new year. I still feel like I am in the middle of the year right now. None the less, I am committing to something new in 2009.  I am planning on running my first half marathon in April. Sixteen weeks from Sunday to be exact. 

I am also trying to actually change my eating habits. For real this time. I was going to try Weight Watchers, but frankly until I decide to spend the money on the stuff, I am going to simply calorie count. Terry encouraged me to sign up on to keep track of calories and exercising. So far, it's pretty easy and the things I eat are already in the system. That means I don't have a lot of leg work to do. I've tried other sites where I have had to type in everything manually. This is much easier.

I will also be involved in a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings. It's been a while since I have been able to do this and I am super excited to be able to meet and get to know better the likes of her, her, her and many others.  That starts on Wednesday, so I will be back to getting nothing done until the weekends through June. It's only five months...I can deal with that.

And speaking of five months. That is the amount of time I have left as a working mommy! Yay! I still wake up and wonder how much I am going to miss my job next year, but as soon as I get a look at all that needs to be done around the home, I realize I am ready to be a home maker again. I just have to focus on giving 100% of myself at work and staying away from short timers disease. Never burn any bridges!

All of that to say, Happy New Year! Praying this is they best one yet!