Thursday, December 04, 2008

What I Am Doing Right Now

Right now I am playing on the new Dell Netbook. It is tee tiny and I keep mashing a bunch of buttons I do not mean to, BUT it is so nice to be sitting here on the couch leaned back working on a blog post instead of at my desk with my back hurting after a long day of work and kids and dinner and kids.

Terry borrowed it from a friend to see if I liked it. Umm, helllooo? I love it! I could really get used to this.

On another note, we only have two weeks until Christmas break. And then two weeks of a hanging with the girls and begging them to sleep late and take naps every day. I may even begin to contemplate a New Year's resolution that includes eating stuff that doesn't turn my insides to organs that hate me.

Okay, enough practice on the teeny tiny keyboard now. It's harder than it looks, but if I can figure out the keypad on the blackberry, I can handle this right?

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