Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey Dinner Thrice?

The thing about being a teacher or even having kids in school is the numerous times you will enjoy a traditional turkey dinner before Thanksgiving.

Yesterday was Reese's Thanksgiving feast at Staffkids. It was wonderful.

Today is the Thanksgiving feast at lunch through the cafeteria. Those women in the kitchen know how to make a yeast roll. I asked and received extras.

Next Tuesday is the Thanksgiving feast sponsored by the 1st grade. And seeing how Reia is in charge of cheese cubes, I feel I must attend.

So, I will eat turkey three times before the actual day of showing our thanks and gratitude by stuffing ourselves silly.

Just thought I'd mention it. Oh, those are my pants at the tailor being LET OUT by several inches.


Kelly said...

We celebrated the 4thg raders feast today with a better meal than we will have at our real dinner next week- and I'm not completely kidding! Some of those moms can cook, yum:-)

Enjoy the days of multiple feasts, this is the first year my 6thgrader doesn't haveone and I feel soewhat cheated.

Happy Turkey Day(s)!

Kelly said...

so sorry for all the typos... I am so tired (from all the feast peparations) and lazy tonight.

Barbie said...

I feel ya!! I had Thanksgiving dinner twice just on Friday! We had turkey dinner at the high school and I am gonna give props to the kitchen workers;-) The dressing this year was amazing and one lady made me a plate with just that..I also asked and received...then we had the volunteer appreciation dinner at church with a catered Thanksgiving meal..Yesterday it was leftovers from the catered meal. Oh and we are celebrating Thanksgiving 3 different times! Ahh fun times!