Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Days, A Little Perspective Helps

Another ELL teacher in our distict asked some of her ELL students what they were thankful for this year. Here are some of the responses:

*I am thankful for my parents because they take care of me. My mom buys me stuff. I am thankful for not walking to every place like I did in Somalia so I go in the car here and don't get so tired. I am thankful war not going around here.

*I am thankful for the parents I have and another reason I'm thankful is that I get to be in a place of a lot of opportunity's. Another thing is that I'm living.

*I am thankful for the opportunity to be an American. I am thankful for God for being there for me. I am thankful for my food because I have more here and always eat every day. I'm also thankful for people like you help me in life. Because life is a strange world but people help me through it.

And I am thankful that God humbles me and reminds me I am not thankful enough.


Nicole Knox said...

I love when God puts people in our life to teach us something. Thanks for the post!

becky taylor said...

so true, i am definitely not thankful enough. thanks for making stop for a moment today and say thanks. :)

Cindy Beall said...

Right there with you.

PEZmama said...

We have a second computer in our home, primarily for the kids. It died a while ago, so we brought it to a friend at church who fixes them as a ministry to his friends. He's been busy at work, so he's had our computer for a while.

One of my children was getting an attitude about it this morning. In response, I picked up the World-Vision newsletter I'd just skimmed and read my kids the story of the lady in Niger who has to decide which of her five children will eat every day. And about the boys in Russia whose widowed mother can't afford to heat their home.

With tears in my eyes, I reminded them (and myself as well) that God doesn't have to give us all this stuff. "I don't know why He decided to give us a warm house and food every day. I don't know why He decided to give us toys and books and a car. I don't know why we have those things and they don't. But I don't think we have any reason to complain."

And all the time I was saying this, I was thinking how good *I* am at complaining, and how I probably need to take my own advice!

Krystal said...

Thanks Robin - good stuff.

amy love said...

I hope ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to Estes Park, Co and I remember when you and Terry went( a river runs through it)and that's exactly what we saw. It was amazing. Happy B-day to the girls! I hope to visit with you sometime.
Amy Love

Kelly said...

Wow. What a great reminder. I'm so glad I stopped by :-)