Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I bring you good news of great tidings and joy.

I am able to access my blogger account from school! Of course, as soon as they find out I can blog from my desk, I'm sure it will be disabled once again.

Therefore, I'm going to take this moment to let everyone know how nuts my life is going to be for the next month or so. I do love the holidays, but going back to work has put a bit of a damper on my joy. I wasn't nearly as excited about decorating for Christmas this year. And that may be due in part, to the fact that decorating takes me a whole dad gum week. Who knows, maybe I'll pare down next year.

Nah. Moving on.

Reese's birthday was at the beginning of the month and Reia's will be Christmas Eve. I am the mother of 4 and 7 year olds. They helped decorate the tree with me for the first time this year. I just let them go to town and sat in the fetal position while chanting, "I will not rearrange. I will not rearrange. I will not rearrange."

And I didn't.

Except for the few (or twenty) ornaments that were hung RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. The nervous twitch in my eye finally went away this morning. I really am NOT OCD except for a few things. And I have no idea where it came from. My mom isn't OCD. My dad certainly isn't. I showed none of these tendencies until I met and married Terry. Hum. I'll have to think some more on this.

Moving on again. I wasn't planning on having Christmas (with family and all) at our house this year, but it seems that we will. Should be fun having my parents and mother in law in town. And now I have another list of the grocery variety to work on.

One day I will stop with all the rambling posts. I do have things to talk about. But can't seem to focus on any of them right now.

So, y'all have a great Thanksgiving and hope to catch some of you in the middle of Christmas madness that will begin in a week or so, if it hasn't for your family already.

Gobble Gobble!


Vickie said...

I have missed you and your posts!!! I am glad you are back! I can relate to craziness, working, decorating, holidays, etc. I am trying really hard this year to not freak out everytime I find out I have an event I have to attend. I have been putting off getting our stuff out to decorate but I think I may jump in and get it all done.

Lorren said...

You are cracking me up with your ornament story!! Good job on not rearranging stuff. I love and miss you so much!!

Erin said...

I think the ornaments would send me into a full blown panic attack! Good job letting it go!

Kelly said...

So glad you are back! I love this cute look, too!

Susie said...

Fun blog design. You have already done your tree? I may not be your friend anymore for this one. Just kidding. I threw out my artificial tree when we moved in May, so I have to get a new one. Ughh! Just the expense I wanted at Christmas.

Hope to talk more when things slow down for you, maybe when your kids are 18 and 21. Ha! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Robin!

JessBatista said...

You had me laughing out loud at my desk on this one. Mostly because I AM OCD, especially about decorating, and I've yet to let my 5-yr-old Dylan touch the Christmas tree! I know, I know, I'm a mean mommy. Maybe this year I'll brave it. You've inspired me!