Sunday, October 07, 2007

When Best Friends Collide

I could have also named this post, "If Loving a Lip Gloss is Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right"

My friend Richelle is here from Dallas and I couldn't be happier! We're having a blast and Terry even watched all four kids yesterday so we could go to Kohl's by ourselves yesterday. At which point I bought this fabulous lip gloss from Flirt. It's the greatest shade for fall.

Okay, have to run. Too much fun to be had in too short amount of time.


Lorren Havens said...

So glad I got to meet your friend! I know you all had a great time. Back to reality tomorrow, huh? :)

Addie said...

You two look gorgeous in your lip gloss! What is it about a new tube of lip gloss that can just cheer a girl up?! Terry clearly speaks your love language by sending you off to Kohl's. Enjoy the time with your girl!

Molly Coddled said...

Ooooo, I bet you're having fun. I'm happy for you!!

Clemntine said...

Now those are two happy girls! So glad you had a chance to unwind with a friend!

Lorren Havens said...

Can we please make another post? I check everyday to no avail. Geesh.

Carol said...

Beautiful! What I want to know is, does it stay on worth a hoot? 'Cause I'm all about those long-lasting lip glosses...and oh, to find one that doubles as a plumper! I'm on a quest.

anne jackson said...

That is an amazing shade!!! :) Guess we'll be seeing you



BooMama said...

And the shade is called....?

Because it's good lookin'.

And I can't believe I'm only now seeing this post. Silly feeds. They're so temperamental.

Lots of love from B'ham!

praynlady said...

Robin, I have been unable to run my blog page for quite some time. I have a page on myspace. It's not quite the same and has more of a mixed set of friends but it is easier to use. If you should have time, please look me up and leave me a message. I have missed blogging for so long due to my surgeries and it has been a long road to recovery but I have been able to share on my other page in the meantime.
God bless,
Colleen aka praynladysblessings