Sunday, October 28, 2007

An Iceberg of Sin

Only about 8% of an iceberg can be seen above the water. It's amazing to me that as a ship travels across the ocean, what looks like a great big innocent ice cube above the water line could indeed kill everyone on board if the captain isn't paying attention.

Still, I have an iceberg that needs to be addressed. I could go around it, (I have been for years.) but it would still be there. And let's face it, I travel these waters called life every day and eventually it will do major damage. We all have character flaws, but what I am talking about is a character sin that continually keeps me from doing what God needs me to do. It keeps my heart from being completely malleable in my captain's capable hands. And, it has to be addressed.

Of course, I've known it's been there for a long time. I can see it...but only about 8%. This move to Oklahoma that has rocked my world for the past ten months, forced me to get off the boat. Yes, into the freezing waters where I could look under the surface. See how big this thing is.

Good heavens. Big. Huge. Ginormous. And not in a good way.

I really don't know what to do about it yet. I see it. It's bigger than me. Not bigger than God of course, but WAY bigger than me.

Can I get back on the boat? On my deck chair and read a book? =)

No, I can't. Now that I know it's enormity and God wants it to be dealt with, ignoring it is out of the question. Five million more questions have popped up in it's place.

And, I'm not going to share what all of this is. I really need to be focused on Him. I need Him.

God is my captain. I'm glad he's paying attention.


Lorren said...

You forgot to mention what your sin was. (joke)

Lorren said...

What I meant to say was, I'm glad you are allowing God to navigate your life, no matter where He takes you. Why not just bust through that iceberg instead of going around it?

Addie said...

Prov. 3:11 & 12

I too am so glad he loves us enough to pay attention! While I know this is a blessing, I'm sure those waters are COLD. Prayer and Love to you my friend!!!

Susie said...

My heart hurts for you. Yet, dealing with it(whatever that may be) with Him is exactly what you should be doing! Praying for you! I'm here for a listening ear anytime you need me, but I'm so glad you are going to God for this first. Bless you and your sweet family!

Kelly said...

What words of wisdom, and such a great analogy to go along.

I have also been recently convictdt that several things in my life that I felt were the result of others, actually are my own doing. I saw below the waters and I also have a huge iceberg just below the surface. God is so good, though, and only wants to bless us by working through these issues... I'm praying for you!

Thanks for sharing these words; your transparency is a blessing.

Cindy Beall said...

Amazing, Robin. Thanks for your insight. I enjoy your writings.

Anne N. said...

Hope your iceberg starts to thaw. You're a great writer!

Mayhem And Miracles said...

Robin, I "lost" your blog for a while and couldn't remember where I'd originally "found" you. So glad to be back. I'm sorry to hear about you missing home so much. I completely understand, though it's finally been many years now since I've had to adjust. This place was a horrible shock to me for a few years after growing up my whole life in Texas. It's funny you wrote about the iceberg. I just saw that somewhere for the first time the other day. I loved the comparison. I need to see if your e-mail is listed. I'd love to get together with you.

Karen said...

I shared your sin/iceburg comparison in my Bible Study last hit home to all of us. Thanks for your insights...I enjoy your writing. I heard Terry speak at a conference in May and consequently found his I've started reading yours and enjoy it very much. Thanks for sharing your God-given gift of words!