Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Don't Even Know Where to Start

There is so much going on. So much to blog about. So much I don't even know where to start.

Do I tell you that in the last three days my youngest has pulled a dresser over on top of herself, ate part of a glow stick...again, had at least 15 accidents even though she's potty trained, tried to pour her own dose of decongestant and poured the entire bottle of Dimetapp on the floor, (she still smells like grape), got her fingers caught in between the door and the walkway of my portable, and dismantled several glue sticks while "helping" me in my room this morning?

Or, do I mention this is the first weekend in the past 8 that we have not had company? Please don't get me wrong. I love each and every person that has come. I miss them like crazy, but 7 weekends in a row means a lot of meals, even more toilet paper, and one tired workin' momma. I'm actually ready for my week now that I have had two days with nothing to do. Well, except clean five thousand pounds of dog hair off the stained concrete floors. I know if we had carpet it would actually be just stuck there, but at least I couldn't see it.

What else in my random-ness can I bring up?

I would become a member of a cult that extolled the greatness of Michael Scott, if one were available. Maybe I should start one? If you aren't watching "The Office", you are indeed missing out on one of life's guilty pleasures.

Actually, I don't feel guilty at all.

So, I guess it's just a pleasure then.

Moving on...

The girls are currently listening to that song where the dogs bark the theme to Jingle Bells. Exciting stuff here people.

I just bored myself reading my own post. But I'm publishing anyway or you guys might just think I've fallen off the face of the earth.

I guess I'm just checking in. Y'all have a great week!


PJ said...

That little one is going to keep you busy for years to come!! But just think, if they were little boys they'd be farting the tune of Jingle Bells -- Dog barking is a decided improvement!!

Lorren said...

I love you, Robin! You are hilarious! I was just thankful to hear that she had tried to eat a glow stick before. I almost called poison control. :)

Susie said...

My goodness Robin, you make my life sound like Pleasantville. You have been busy and overworked. I wanted to email you, but I can't find anything except your old email, not your gmail. Email me at, and I will fill you in on diet(ha!) and other tragedies of life. Just kidding. Oh, and my phone number is the same.

Anne N. said...

LOVE Michael Scott....the World's Best Boss. Hope your week goes well.