Thursday, September 06, 2007

Moving Day???

We should be closing on our house today. We've had so many issues building this house. We've lived in an apartment with no outside space for eight months; which, if you know me, is about the worst.

After all this, and we could have yet another setback today, what I have realized is this:

It's just a house.

I can live with a lot less--space, money, things.

God provides, even in limited space, so much more than I could ever hope for in regard to my marriage and relationship with my girls. Both have grown considerably in the past months.

He is in control. I am not. Even today I must give my concerns to him.

And of course, in God-fashion here was my Elisabeth Elliot devotional today: (Good words for a woman on the brink of telling her builder where he can put this house.)

Today will be full of turmoil, for we are moving. Decisions to be made, complicated sorting and packing to be done, hard physical work, confusion and misunderstanding. I will be tempted to "manage" things which are not mine to manage, to be impatient and anxious and vindictive--I can see it coming! But there is a quiet, steadying power--the love of Christ, and "this love of which I speak is slow to lose patience, looks for a way of being constructive" (l Cor 13:4 JBP). It is not in me. That brand of love is not a part of my nature. So I simply ask for it. Lord, your love alone, at work in me, behaves like that.

Love through me, Love of God.
Make me like thy clear air
Through which, unhindered, colors pass
As if it were not there.
--(Amy Carmichael, Toward Jerusalem)


Addie said...

Nuh, uh! The timing of that devotional is wild (and slightly funny)

So sorry things aren't going the way you'd hoped. Your almost there ... you're gonna make it!

Molly Coddled said...

Waiting for your next update and praying it's a good one!

Addie said...

I'm hoping that you haven't updated because you're too busy hefting boxes ... maybe?

Susie said...

Oh that devotional could not have been more perfect for you. That is so neat! Praying for you...