Tuesday, August 21, 2007


"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own." Matthew 6:34

am not worried. She is very much prepared. Her teacher is a darling sweet Christian who prays over her students. She is excited. She wants to go. Tomorrow my sweet Mini-me starts kindergarten.

I would be lying however, if I told you I wasn't sad...in a bittersweet kind of way. Although we had planned to home school her, I've known she would go to public kinder since we moved in January. And I look back over the past five years and have such distinct memories of events, large and small, in her life.

...the moment she was born and Dr. Charles told us she was a girl. ( I wanted a girl sooooo badly.)

....the time I tried to make her "cry it out"; then I cried it out. She was a terrible sleeper. I think she can out sleep me now.

.... Her third birthday when she cried because every one was looking at her and singing "Happy Birthday". It's the most precious video.

....her face, all chubby and excited, as she ran up to me as I held brand new Mini-T and wanted to know when she (the baby) would be able to play. Mini-me seemed huge to me then, but she had barely turned three.

....the times I've hurt her feelings out of my own frustrations.

...when she prays and thanks Jesus for dying on the cross.

....and tomorrow, when she lets go of her crying mother's hand to go into class holding her Hello Kitty backpack with the bling all over it.

Tomorrow is just the beginning of many more memories, and I can't wait to hold them all close to my heart...where she will always be.


BooMama said...

Such sweet memories...and the last line nearly put me in the bed. Oh, these sweet young'uns - how they steal our hearts.

Lori said...

Very exciting! As I was sharing with a friend after going to Ben's middle school orientation, I guess all these big things are mile markers on their journey to independence. Have fun with all that is elementary school!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

It's a very emotional thing, that first day of kindergarten. I cried like a baby. Such sweet memories. What a moving post, Robin.

Theresa said...

This will be my pray next week! I hope it's the best day ever for the both of you!!

Jenn said...

Mine went this morning! But we did have the advantage of him being there last year in pre-K. So he was sooo excited to go back! And me, well, my break down was last night.

Susie said...

Oh Robin, I missed this post. Hope it went okay for her and you, of course. I will make sure and email you when I start pulling out my hair home schooling with my kids all.day.every.day. then you will feel so much better. I loved your memories with her.

Kelly said...

How beautiful, and I love your heartfelt sentiments about your daughters- they are blessed by your tender heart, I know.

Amanda said...

oh man, I am not looking forward to this but you give me a little hope.