Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Vacation--Another Photo Essay

The only way I can recap the last two weeks without a blovel of a post is in pics, so here goes. Also, this is not in order as that would have taken too much brain power on my part; and I'm nothing if not efficient!

Reese in the ER after a six foot fall from bunk beds onto a concrete floor. She's fine; completely a spider monkey again. I, however, can't get rid of the twitch in my left eye.

The girls with during a visit with Sarah and her kids. We didn't always get to spend time together while we lived in Dallas, but we sure do miss them!

Girls Night Out at Outback Steakhouse. These women have been much of my support group over the last 6 years. We used to all live within 2 or 3 miles of each other. Now, we're spread all over. (I really want to make a funny on how my "spread" has been in more ways than one, but I won't. Hee hee!)

A day at Kohl's! Have to try things on of course. Naturally, she doesn't want to take them off so I just rip them from her white knuckled grip and throw them at the sales clerk while simultaneously darting for the door to keep the whole store from hearing her shrieks of torture.

I finally got to MIRL Anne. We ate at Taco Diner (Yum-O) in Uptown Dallas. I did briefly fall to my knees and beg God to let us move back. Oddly, I didn't get all that many strange looks.

Family photo time at Gran's!

Must. Have. These. Dishes.

We ended our little vacation at Theresa's. The girls sure do miss each other. Glad it's only 3 hours and not half a world away!


anne jackson said...

I was starting to go through these...aww...cute...girls night...WHOA...there's my mug! :) I'm glad we got to hang out & look forward to seeing ya in a couple of weeks!

Lauren said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Your girls are so adorable, just like their mother!

Clemntine said...

Glad you had fun; glad you're back.


Kelli said...

Must. know. where. to. order. those. dishes.

Glad the spider monkey is still swinging :)

BooMama said...

It made my day to see you and T. smiling in those pics.

Please tell me y'all got some cheese fries at Outback.


Cmommy said...

Your children are precious!
Your 'spread' is not visible!
I think there is no spread :-)
LUV the word 'blovel'!

Susie said...

Oh Robin, it looks like you had so much fun! Aren't friends the best! Your girls are just beautiful, and I love the family pic.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Those are great vacation pics! You have a wonderful looking family.

theresa said...

Still crying and on my knees wishing you would move back. ;)

chickadee said...

great pictures and those dishes are cute!

Barb said...

I'm doing a little catching up over here, Robin. Don't laugh, but when I saw the photos above, my first thought was wow, that little boy looks like Caiden! And it is. It's my little great-nephew and my other, Grayson and adorable little Addie.

Your kids are beautiful. Beautiful! These photos are so fun.

That six foot fall onto concrete sounds a little scary though. My eye would be twitching too.