Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog...

That is the question I think I hear most of all from moms who blog and really don't want it to take over their lives. Some of us are better at moderation than others. I'm on the side of not being so good at it, but recent events like moving and going back for work have forced me to put my blog and reading blogs on the back burner. That's when I realized how much time I spent blogging. And frankly, there are a lot of more productive things I could be doing other than blogging. (Please note, I'm not saying you shouldn't blog or you are wasting your time.)

But then I go back to my archives every once in a while. And I read a post, and I remember. What my life was like or how I was feeling. With particularly trying posts, you are there. .. encouraging me, praying for me, making me smile. I couldn't be more grateful.

So, I will continue to blog. I may not get a bazillion comments on every post, but like a much needed support system when I pour my heart out--you are up to the challenge.

**Trivial prayer request: could you guys please pray that the house we are building is finished miraculously soon? I'm a little stir crazy here.


Kelly said...

I love reading your blog- and will definitely pray that your house is finished soon! Yours was one of the very first that I found and I loved hearing about your life because I also have 2 little girls (mine are 8 and 10 though) and can relate to so much. You also just struck me as a gal who would be my friend if we lived next door to one another... I think it was because of you that I was inspired to start my own.
I work from home, so I identify with your lack of time since the move for blogging. I hope you will blog as you have time... and keep us posted on pics of the house:-)

Tamara Cosby said...

Please don't leave! You are good for the soul!

I just finished reading "What Would Jesus Do?"...and hubby and I challenged ourselves to ask that question before we did anything...it isn't going so well for me...still grumpy with kids...trust me when I say I need to read GOOD PEOPLE'S BLOGS!

Robin said...

I understand your dilemna. I have sure seen how God works through blogging - but you are right - there needs to be a healthy balance. I'm glad you are continuing to blog - I really enjoy your writing.

Susie said...

You scared me at first, thinking you might stop blogging. I thought, "No way, she is the first blog I started reading." Well, actually it was your husband's that Skip showed me. I love your blog and you are right about the comments which encourage us so much. I do it because I love to write and it is an outlet and a sort of journal. Friendships are just icing on the cake. Praying for your house to be finished quickly.

Addie said...

I hear ya!

Prayin' and hopin' for a quick finish. :D

Girl Gone Wild said...

Robin, I'm so glad you're going to continue to blog. I love your writing and look forward to reading more!

Praying on the house!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I so understand about the blogging. It is all about balance and it seems you have found yours!

Barb said...

We've all been blogging about the same length of time, Robin, and I'm seeing a general slowdown out here. I think all of us are realizing we probably spend too much time on it. So whatever balance works for you, or for me or for anyone, is fine.

I know I've backed way off all the reading and commenting I was spending literally hours every day doing. I just can't do that any more but you know? People seem to understand. I think everyone is feeling pretty much the same way you are.

Besides. You're in my bloglines. I don't care how often you post because when you do post, I'll know it. :-)