Saturday, July 14, 2007

Operation Italy

The last time I was really confident in the way I looked, Reia was 18 months old. We went to Hawaii, and I looked better than I did when I got married. Fast forward 4 years and one more pregnancy, and lets just say I would not only give my left leg to have my old body back, but it would take me loosing my left leg's worth of weight to get there!

Terry and I are planning a trip to Italy next year with Theresa and her hubs in honor of our ten year anniversary, and suddenly I'm feeling that itch to get it together in regard to my physical appearance. I'm not fat or even overweight, but I could just use some serious toning and some moderate weight loss. I'm debating whether or not to post my stats, but it would be for the sole purpose of holding myself accountable to a bunch of people I know and a bunch of people I don't. I've never been terribly disciplined, you see. So I'm kind of hoping to embarrass myself into it.

So, Phase I of "Operation Italy" is the following:
No more fried foods. (That's all I 'm cutting out for now. Baby steps people; baby steps.)

Shape Magazine's "Calorie Blasting Walk" 5 times per week.

A 20 min weighted workout I found in Cooking Light of all places, 5 x per week.

That's it for now. I'm not planning Phase II until I see how Phase I goes. And, after a week or so I will check in. You probably couldn't care less about my weight loss/inch loss goals, but that's ok. I need a forum, and what better place than my own blog!


anne jackson said...

one, i think you look GREAT!

two, blogging was the only way i lost weight...and that meant putting my stats up...

32 pounds later, i don't feel so bad...the first month or so was hard, but when you start posting the good numbers, you start feeling real good!

Susie said...

This is so funny reading this because our family has just started a get in shape program. I am on day 2 and I'm not happy right now. I've lost one lb. and only 19 more to go. My reward will be a laptop- so I better not give in. How excited about Italy! You will get to eat there, right?

Clemntine said...

What a coincidence! I'm starting Operation My Friend's Going To Italy! I'll let you know how it goes.