Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Offical

Thanks to shark week on Discovery, I will never ever never ever never ever get into a body of water where anything but humans swim.

Did I say NEVER EVER? Just wanted to be clear.


{Karla} said...

we've been watching it too.

And you'd never get me in one of those deep diving sub thingys they keep exploring in.

Panic Attack City!


Susie said...

Boy, do I hear you. As if we don't have enough to worry about with riptides, drownings, sand cave-ins,and jellyfish. Now we have to fear those dreaded sharks.

Robin said...

Yes, but all this time I thought sharks were only in the ocean. NO NO NO they are also in RIVERS - like the Mississipi. Freaked me out.
One more worry to add to the list!

Barb said...

Yep. I made this same decision. I was stupid enough to go see Jaws right when it was released and get this. I was staying with friends at the Cape. Cape Cod. Where the movie supposedly took place.

If I can't see my feet, the water's too deep. Period.