Tuesday, June 12, 2007

She Did It!!! (And I'm So Proud!)

As a parent one of the things that I am most amazed at is how proud I am when the girls accomplish something. Even if to most it seems quite simple, the mom always knows what an undertaking it was. Today Reia put her whole head under water without holding her nose. I have been bribing her forever to do this. So has her swim instructor.

She practiced last night in the bath tub. (Bath time has become swim practice around here.) And she was almost there, but not quite. As I watched her today with the teacher I could see her bobbing her head in and out of the water. First up to her mouth, then again to her nose, and then to her eyes. All of a sudden, bloop, there she went. Her teacher started clapping, and the kids in class were cheering...and I actually started to cry. If you knew how much this child hated the bath when she was a baby, and truly I thought I'd never even get her to take swim lessons, you'd understand. Can you imagine the basket case I will be when she graduates high school?

Here she is at Freddy's Ice Cream with her bribe of a dirt 'n worms concrete.

Naturally, she ate all of the gummy worms first.

Calling Grammy to share the good news.

Also, if you didn't immediately start singing "She did it; she did it; she did it; yeah, she did it!" to the Dora theme song...=)


Clemntine said...

Well, YEA! Having given birth to polliwogs myself, this is not a hurdle we've had to jump, but I definitely feel your pride!! I tear up when somebody cuts their meat by themselves, so I know I'll have to be put in a special room when they graduate or get married or, for cryin' out Pete, MAKE A BED!

Happy Dirt & Worms to you both!!

Amanda said...

She is beautiful! Oh and I love Terry's hair!! :) He looks like a rocker, not the real techno geek that he is! :) Just kidding! I just say that because I know how dang smart he is!!! I hope that came out right. :)

BooMama said...

YAY! And the pictures are adorable - she's such a little beauty!

Kelli said...

Congrats! What a big girl :)

and a beauty, at that!

theresa said...

"Yea, she did it! Bum, bum, bum..." oh sorry I was haveing a Dora moment.

Three cheers for Reia! Maybe she can teach Victoria when she gets here.

Hey, I want Dirt-n-Worms...guess I'll have to settle for my Dreyers Yogurt Blend, umph! :)

Addie said...

Yay Reia!!! Sporty was the same way, and I remember the pride when she finally did it!

And yay for you! That'll take a little stress off at the pool this summer.

Richelle said...

Hugs to Reia! :) (and her mommy)

Steve's Baby said...

YAY!! Great job!

Just stumbled upon your blog today. I'm still working on fine tuning mine. LOL!

Mrs. U said...

This is SO sweet!! She DID it (and yes, as often as we hear that song around her, I, too, started singing the song!! LOL!!!). Swimming was SO scary for me, but a necessity. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Mrs. U

Girl Gone Wild said...

Hey...I've given you the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award! ...cause you rock! Come see...

Barbie said...

Hey I was coming to give you the Rockin Girl Blogger award and I just noticed the person above me did too lol See you do rock!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! That's a big step. And Freddie's is the perfect place to celebrate! Yummy!

Carol said...

Mine unloaded the dishwasher without my having to ask yesterday. Yes, it was one of those eye-filling moments.

Congrats to your little fishie!

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