Friday, June 08, 2007

Our Summer So Far...A Photo Essay

A little TV before swim lessons. Yes, they are sitting on the coffee table; I let them jump on their beds too. So there.

Playing outside in the yard. (aka: under the outside stairs)

The grassy area in front of the building is perfect for a princess.

First day of swim lessons; Reia was the only one in her class to show up!

Daddy and the girls waiting on mommy at Kohl's; it may be a while. =)

Playing in the house...

The house with garage doors.

Making use of every room in the apartment; even canned goods are toys around here.


Deena said...

Love it! Cute family:-)

Any chance of another bloggity book club getting started soon??

I miss it...

Clemntine said...

Very nice photo essay! And the house is looking GREAT!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Ok.. I had to giggle at the pic or daddy and the girls waiting for mom in Kohl's.. my hubby does the same thing.. although.. I'm not so sure mine would smile about it.. LOL LOL LOL... TOOO CUTE!!

Rebekah said...

Oh my! Those little kiddos of your's are getting so big and oh so cute!

The house is getting real close!!!! Yea!

Girl Gone Wild said...'re girls are beauts! I also loved the pics of the girls with dad in the car. Only in my dreams would that happen for me. Usually it's my hubby dragging the boys in saying, "Look hon, it's family bonding time." (yeah...right...ok...what-evir!)

PEZmama said...

First - the girls are beautiful. They look so perfect in that picture of them watching TV together.

Second - I was just about to get on you for lettin them (gasp) watch TV, but then you say they were sitting on the COFFEE TABLE? What in the world kind of mother ARE YOU?

Third- I think that is the first picture I've ever seen of Terry. He doesn't look like what I'd imagined.

Not that I am spending a lot of time imagining things about your husband, mind you!!!

Just needed to clarify that.

Richelle said...

I love the pictures. It only makes me miss you more! Ring Ring.... that's your phone. Go answer it!!! :)

Angela Ventry said...

This is John Ventry's wife, Angela-John is a friend of Terry's. We just moved to Dallas and we are in an apartment with our two girls as well. I know exactly what you are going through!! Hang in there, your house looks beautiful, not much longer! Many blessings, Angela

Richelle said...

OK, I just noticed the BLUE tounge that Reese is sporting! That is greatness!

Gavin says, "Hi Weese" (AKA Reese)