Monday, June 04, 2007

Being Relevant

Tonight I met with some girls (Ok, I know we're all grown women, but seriously, I can't bring myself to call us that.) to start Beth Moore's Daniel study. I have heard such wonderful things about it from so many in the blogosphere. Like this fabulous person, for instance. I truly can't wait to see what God is going to reveal to me over the next twelve weeks, and even after tonight's first video installment Beth has me asking a lot of questions and looking deep.

I've mentioned before about how much this change to Edmond has affected me. Tonight I got the sense that more change is forthcoming. This time in my heart as much as in my physical comfort.

Tonight Beth touched on something regarding relevancy in our lives. I didn't write the exact quote, but the point was this: after we give our lives over to Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit in, we become "Christians". And by that very act ensure our place in heaven. But even so, we can be completely irrelevant here on earth by not continuing past that point, sharing that same love of Christ with others, hence furthering the Kingdom of God.

I want to be relevant for Him. My prayer over the next twelve weeks is that God will show me "what's next" here in Edmond. I know he brought us here for T to do a specific job at LifeChurch, but I believe he has a specific job for me too. Something I haven't really done before.

Totally Psyched...that would be me folks. Well, and maybe just a tad scared.

PS If you live in the Metro area (look at me and my native phrases already) and want to attend our study, just email me. We'd love to have you!!


Terry Storch said...

Totally fired ya! This is very exciting for sure....look forward to the journey.

PEZmama said...

Girl, that is one heck of a study. I am excited for you because I know you will be blessed.

Praying for you as you try to discern what God has for you in the new place.


Misty said...

Daniel is one of my favorite BETH studies. God always shows me the most amazing things through the work of Beth! I know it will be truly an amazing journey for you!

Addie said...

You go girl!!! I KNOW God has a specific call/job for you as well, and can't wait to hear more about it!

You wanna know what's weird? I'm starting that same exact study on Thursday morning with a group at my church. So we'll kinda be doing another Beth Moore together ... kinda. ;-)

BooMama said...

I'm excited for you, too - and I know that tender heart of yours is about to get molded and shaped in a whole new way - can't wait to see what He has in store...I know it's gonna be GOOD! :-)

{Karla} said...

it truly is an awesome study. I'd like to do it again, just for reinforcement.


Clemntine said...

I started that one last fall and had to quit before finishing. I may just crash your little party...

Susie said...

Woohoo Robin! I am so excited for you. You know, I think that God does have some really big things in store for you. BTW, I believe as a pastor's wife(ministry leader's wife or whatever T is right now), God has put you in a high calling as well. You are going to know God in such a deeper, more awe-struck way than ever before, and He IS going to use you to reach and teach others, I JUST KNOW IT! Let me know how things are going along the way. My goodness, I should have just emailed you.