Tuesday, June 12, 2007

She Did It!!! (And I'm So Proud!)

As a parent one of the things that I am most amazed at is how proud I am when the girls accomplish something. Even if to most it seems quite simple, the mom always knows what an undertaking it was. Today Reia put her whole head under water without holding her nose. I have been bribing her forever to do this. So has her swim instructor.

She practiced last night in the bath tub. (Bath time has become swim practice around here.) And she was almost there, but not quite. As I watched her today with the teacher I could see her bobbing her head in and out of the water. First up to her mouth, then again to her nose, and then to her eyes. All of a sudden, bloop, there she went. Her teacher started clapping, and the kids in class were cheering...and I actually started to cry. If you knew how much this child hated the bath when she was a baby, and truly I thought I'd never even get her to take swim lessons, you'd understand. Can you imagine the basket case I will be when she graduates high school?

Here she is at Freddy's Ice Cream with her bribe of a dirt 'n worms concrete.

Naturally, she ate all of the gummy worms first.

Calling Grammy to share the good news.

Also, if you didn't immediately start singing "She did it; she did it; she did it; yeah, she did it!" to the Dora theme song...=)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Wet's Pway, Way-a"

T has been out of pocket for the last few days, so in an effort to not spend one more moment in the apartment than necessary, I took the girls to McDonald's for "lunch and a little run around like crazy people in the play area" time.

After they had eaten most of their Happy Meals, shoes and socks were shed and the playing commenced. Mini-Me came back over to get one more bite of her plain cheeseburger, (Seriously, whose kid is this?) and Mini-T walked up behind her saying, "Wet's pway Way-a!" Of course Mini-Me was happy to oblige.

And do you know what I did? Pulled my book out and read. And then I realized, I'm now the mom who can sit with her kids at a play area and well, sit. I didn't have to fetch a stuck toddler, or keep a baby entertained in a stroller, or help in any way. Whatever needed to be done could have easily been handled by the 5 (and 1/2, she'll tell you) year old. She even took Mini-T to the potty. And I continued to read.

I will most certainly miss lots of things about my babies. Sweet, precious, can't talk back to you babies. But, I could definitely get used to this....sweet, precious, can talk to you and tell you what's wrong, where it hurts, and how much they love you, children.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Our Summer So Far...A Photo Essay

A little TV before swim lessons. Yes, they are sitting on the coffee table; I let them jump on their beds too. So there.

Playing outside in the yard. (aka: under the outside stairs)

The grassy area in front of the building is perfect for a princess.

First day of swim lessons; Reia was the only one in her class to show up!

Daddy and the girls waiting on mommy at Kohl's; it may be a while. =)

Playing in the house...

The house with garage doors.

Making use of every room in the apartment; even canned goods are toys around here.

No Nap for the Weary

I've had to deal with more transitions lately than I really care to. Especially since my life was just fine. And now, on top of it all, Reese is potty training and dropping her one and only nap. I still need a nap for pete's sake; why doesn't she???

So today, I've cleaned up several instances of not making it to the potty, and now at 2:23pm, she refuses to nap. She is playing nicely with her sister in their room at least for a while. Now I have a few minutes, and I do mean a few, to get the disaster also known as the apartment cleaned up...again. We don't have that much stuff here, but it takes so little to make a mess in a small space.

On the up side,(yes, there is one) it is a gorgeous and I do mean GOR-GEOUS day outside. 75 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze blowing. We have windows and door open and the music is playing. And we're all home. Together. Good times.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Two Years Ago

I posted this more than two years ago, and happened on it while digging through my archives. I still love this quote.

Christian author, O. Hallesby wrote:
"The air which our body requires envelops us on every hand. The air itself seeks to enter our bodies and, for this reason, exerts pressure upon us...The air which our souls need also envelops all of us at all times and on all sides. God is round about us in Christ on every hand, with His many-sided and all sufficient grace. All we need to do it to open our hearts. Prayer is the breath of the soul, the organ by which we receive Christ into our parched and withered hearts...As air enters in quietly when we breathe, and does its normal work in our lungs, so Jesus enters quietly into our hearts, and does His blessed work there."

Inhale His grace and mercy; exhale your worries and trials. Breathe Him in so He may sustain you. And do it without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I found the above quote in a book by Karol Ladd, The Power of a Positive Mom. I really needed to be reminded that my prayer should be continuous.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Being Relevant

Tonight I met with some girls (Ok, I know we're all grown women, but seriously, I can't bring myself to call us that.) to start Beth Moore's Daniel study. I have heard such wonderful things about it from so many in the blogosphere. Like this fabulous person, for instance. I truly can't wait to see what God is going to reveal to me over the next twelve weeks, and even after tonight's first video installment Beth has me asking a lot of questions and looking deep.

I've mentioned before about how much this change to Edmond has affected me. Tonight I got the sense that more change is forthcoming. This time in my heart as much as in my physical comfort.

Tonight Beth touched on something regarding relevancy in our lives. I didn't write the exact quote, but the point was this: after we give our lives over to Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit in, we become "Christians". And by that very act ensure our place in heaven. But even so, we can be completely irrelevant here on earth by not continuing past that point, sharing that same love of Christ with others, hence furthering the Kingdom of God.

I want to be relevant for Him. My prayer over the next twelve weeks is that God will show me "what's next" here in Edmond. I know he brought us here for T to do a specific job at LifeChurch, but I believe he has a specific job for me too. Something I haven't really done before.

Totally Psyched...that would be me folks. Well, and maybe just a tad scared.

PS If you live in the Metro area (look at me and my native phrases already) and want to attend our study, just email me. We'd love to have you!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Christmas In June

As I was strolling through Hobby Lobby on Friday while talking on the phone to a friend I remarked how they had tons of home decor items (and nice ones too) marked down 66%. Then it hit me. They're moving merchandise out to get ready for Christmas stuff.

Now, I know of few people who love Christmas more than I do. But, June 1st? That may even be a little early for me. Then I walked around to the next row and low and behold was a whole aisle of Christmas ribbon! Then another row of assorted pine cones and glittery stuff.

I guess in a few years they'll just have it up year round?