Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Does This Go On Everywhere?

I read this article. You should too. And please, tell me that this isn't happening everywhere.


Clemntine said...

Well, I can tell you where it's NOT happening, and that is at the Clem Domicile. I say that with broken-hearted, humble gratitude in praise of the only One worthy. By God's grace alone, and not by any other means, have we been able to see our girls grow up valuing modesty, virtue and their own purity.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

PEZmama said...

Well, my middle-school teacher husband came home last month and told me about the talent show that they'd had at school the previous evening. Parents and teachers alike were aghast at one routine, performed by several girls, which was described as "a pole dance without the pole."

As it turns out, this was not the same dance that they had received approval to perform. They changed it for the actual performance. There was at least one complaint from a parent. The principal made the girls perform the entire dance for her and told them to change all the parts she found objectionable before they were able to perform it for the kids' assembly during school. So, they did do something about it.

But yes, it is happening everywhere.

Have you watched any high school cheerleaders during their half-time routines lately?

Addie said...

Ai-yi-yi! At the risk of sounding all red state-ish, the things that occur on the coasts scare me. I know if it's frowned upon here now, it likely won't be when my girls are that age. Blegh!

Makes me ponder homeschool all over again. Course, you know I ponder that yearly around this time. :D

Proverbs31Mom said...

This sort of filth is spreading across the heartland and even in my beloved hometown of Edmond. I don't know what happened to the days of students being sent home or suspended for wearing inappropriate attire. I know our principal at our middle school is a firm Christian. We have had four children attend the school. She is firm with discipline and will not tolerate inappropriate behavior. However, highschool is a different story. I was appalled at the pictures I saw of the local proms and how provactivally the girls dressed. Why were these girls allowed in the dance when their dresses violated the dress code? I was even more saddened to see the pictures from the local Christian schools prom that the parents put on....some of those parents should be ashamed for allowing their daughters out of the house in the dresses they had on!

Thankfully our daughter is very modest. Her friends are sweet christian girls from great families that are like-minded in the raising of their families.

Thank you for sharing this.

A great site that I frequent and receive the daily emails is one that Bill Johnson from Michigan has called American Decency Association. He was a concerned Christian parent that single handedly got Howard Stern off of the radio in his area. He brings to light how stores like Hollister, Abercromibe and Fitch, Victoria's Secret have agendas to bring the filth into homes. I am sure that you have noticed in Edmond and even at LifeChurch the amount of youth that wear Abercrombie and Fitch clothing? Once a parent is attuned to what is going on with some of these companies I am shocked that many Christian parents in this town continue to frequent these establishments.

Thanks for sharing.

Susie said...

Oh Robin, did you have to post this? Just when I was feeling like I might try public school when we move. Just kidding. I am glad you posted this. I can just see my sweet Ashley with eyes wide open at the sights and sounds of a modern day babylon in public junior high. I just don't get it. Praise God my kids have had many years of growing in their faith at their fantastic Christian school. Do I really want to warp their minds now? I have to go- I have much praying to still do.

Barbie said...

That IS sad:-( If it makes you feel any better I work in a public highschool here and I see teenagers everyday. I know teens often get a bad rap but what I see is teens sharing their faith... I see teens witnessing at lunch and carrying their Bibles with them. I have some on my cell that I tm with when opportunities arise. I see teens reaching out to the lost every day. I have personally seen some of them accept Jesus. They aren't all bad:-) I am so thankful that I although I work in a public school God really is alive in Oklahoma:-) I truly feel blessed to have been called here.