Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I just received a spam type email that said "Ready to lose those unwanted pounds?" in the subject line.

I simply replied...

"I don't know, are you ready to make all of my super healthy meals and exercise for me? If so, I'm in."

Then I hit send. =) Some days being a total smarty pants just makes me smile.


Michael said...

Being a smarty pants 'is just makes me smile' sometimes also!

Clemntine said...

I once asked the at&t telemarketer where I could get a new family and cooler friends. She wasn't any help.

Deena said...

I like the smart aleck in you..it keeps mine company:-)

Hey, when's the next Bloggity Book Club happening??

Gayle said...

Ha - made me laugh! Wonder if you'll get a reply! Hmmm!