Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Urge You...Do Not Go There

I have no less that 400 things to post about since I last posted at the beginning of spring break. For instance, my lunch date with Clemntine and Jan was so wonderful and I thought my tea might come out of my nose a few times as we discussed children, cats as food (Don't ask; I think Jan might have missed that portion of the conversation. Sorry Jan, neither of us eats cats that we are aware of), and how Clem and Jan have never met but apparently have run in the same circles for the past seven years or so.

Or, how one of my best friends drove here from Dallas with her two little kids and spent the night just to spend some time with me as I was sick of driving back and forth to Dallas. I have a few pictures to post of that too, I guess I'll do that next.

Or, of how my youngest stuffed every single cherry from the Hi-Ho Cherri-o game down the Baby Alive's mouth, and I spent the next hour fishing them out with tweezers, slamming the doll on the back while turning her upside down, alternately. I thought she might poop them out as the doll is supposed to do, but I guess with 40 of them crammed in there, the cherries were stuck.

But, really this post is about the following: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY MOON SAND. Please note....the sand never dries out, which is good and bad. Also, it is SAND. So, when you see it in the carpet and try to pick up a clump, it just dissolves into, well, grains of sand.

I offer the following as the messy evidence. I would not let the girls play with it on the table due to the proximity to the carpet. I'm not sure the tile was better. Every time Mini-T stepped "over" it, her feet looked like the following:

The she just fussed because her feet were dirty.

This is the mess in the foyer.

Mothers every where, run for your lives.


jtcosby said...

So you think you could have warned me about this earlier? *SIGH* I'm just going to explain to my husband that you were delinquent in relaying this information to us earlier...and that is why our carpet looks like it does, ha! :) Good luck! You make me laugh!!

Robin said...

Thank goodness you thought to keep it away from the carpet!!

Clemntine said...




All I can think of is that this was invented by a male. One with no actual children. Who lives in a black enamel penthouse.

Thanks for the warning.

Jan said...

Oh my good heavens those are cute toes.

Susie said...

Too late here for the moon sand too. I finally have in hidden in hopes Annie has forgotten all about it. So far so good. Am I bad?