Monday, March 19, 2007

Breakin' for Spring!

So today was the first day of our Spring Break. We started off with shots for both girls. Aren't I a fun mom? And tomorrow they go back to their "school" which doesn't take off for SB, while I go pick out plumbing fixtures for the new casa.

After that, I am meeting her and her (If her cat has had it's kittens by then. Please pause a moment for a brief moment of silent prayer.) for lunch at Panera Bread.

On Wednesday, my dear friend Richelle is coming up with her kids in tow to play and keep me from feeling quite so homesick. She may even stay the night!

Thursday, another day of fun with out of town friends.

Friday? Still TBD. But I'm certain it will include a little rain, playtime and a big fat nap.

Poop. Typing all of that makes me feel like it's already over!!!!


Deena said...

Ha! You are too funny!

Susie said...

Shots? You are a fun mom! Hey, what is Panera Bread. I've never heard of it before. Have fun this week and please take more than one nap. It sounds like you deserve it. Off to google Panera Bread.

Clemntine said...

SO MUCH FUN meeting you and Jan! Thanks for taking the time. We'll have to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Hope your week went well...:D and you got your big fat nap! ;)
I just found you from a link at What's up Buttercup...
It's so neat to see Oklahoma City mentioned in a blog...I grew up there and kinda miss it right now. Our house was backed up to Lake Hefner...sigh...