Saturday, March 31, 2007

Coming Along!

The shingles are about to go on. I just keep praying for good weather or for a tornado to not blow down the progress at the very least!

I Urge You...Do Not Go There

I have no less that 400 things to post about since I last posted at the beginning of spring break. For instance, my lunch date with Clemntine and Jan was so wonderful and I thought my tea might come out of my nose a few times as we discussed children, cats as food (Don't ask; I think Jan might have missed that portion of the conversation. Sorry Jan, neither of us eats cats that we are aware of), and how Clem and Jan have never met but apparently have run in the same circles for the past seven years or so.

Or, how one of my best friends drove here from Dallas with her two little kids and spent the night just to spend some time with me as I was sick of driving back and forth to Dallas. I have a few pictures to post of that too, I guess I'll do that next.

Or, of how my youngest stuffed every single cherry from the Hi-Ho Cherri-o game down the Baby Alive's mouth, and I spent the next hour fishing them out with tweezers, slamming the doll on the back while turning her upside down, alternately. I thought she might poop them out as the doll is supposed to do, but I guess with 40 of them crammed in there, the cherries were stuck.

But, really this post is about the following: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY MOON SAND. Please note....the sand never dries out, which is good and bad. Also, it is SAND. So, when you see it in the carpet and try to pick up a clump, it just dissolves into, well, grains of sand.

I offer the following as the messy evidence. I would not let the girls play with it on the table due to the proximity to the carpet. I'm not sure the tile was better. Every time Mini-T stepped "over" it, her feet looked like the following:

The she just fussed because her feet were dirty.

This is the mess in the foyer.

Mothers every where, run for your lives.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Prayer for Addison

Almost all days I take the fact that my children are healthy for granted. And then I read stories all over the web of little ones who need our prayers. And then I have a good friend whose daughter has needed our urgent prayers in the past and needs them now. While you're at it pray for her Momma as well. Often those who hold the hands of the little ones and still have to hold themselves together, need prayer just as much. I know she would appreciate it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Breakin' for Spring!

So today was the first day of our Spring Break. We started off with shots for both girls. Aren't I a fun mom? And tomorrow they go back to their "school" which doesn't take off for SB, while I go pick out plumbing fixtures for the new casa.

After that, I am meeting her and her (If her cat has had it's kittens by then. Please pause a moment for a brief moment of silent prayer.) for lunch at Panera Bread.

On Wednesday, my dear friend Richelle is coming up with her kids in tow to play and keep me from feeling quite so homesick. She may even stay the night!

Thursday, another day of fun with out of town friends.

Friday? Still TBD. But I'm certain it will include a little rain, playtime and a big fat nap.

Poop. Typing all of that makes me feel like it's already over!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007


I was trying to leave school today for lunch. I had packed up and picked up my bag and purse (yeah, they're two different things) and started walking out the door. I decided right inside the door to go ahead and get my keys out.

A little searching, no keys.

Put my purse and bag on the floor so I can really look while being completely in every one's way walking in or out. No keys.

I walk over to the lobby bench, sit down, put my keys next to me and keep looking for my keys for the next eight or nine minutes.


I did eventually see them out of the corner of my eye. As my mother would say, "If they had been a snake they would have bit me." This little story probably does nothing to help convince you I'm not a complete idiot does it?!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

All is Right with The World--and My Watch

I like to buy these cheapy Wal-mart watches to wear out and about or cleaning the house, generally when I'm not at work, church or on a date with T. When I get the watch, I use the instructions to change the time and then chunk the paper. File 13. Where the important things go, right?

The problem is, when daylight savings time ends in the fall, my watch is off by an hour. And of course, I don't have the instructions to change it, because, well, you know, File 13 and all. I spend the next six months reminding myself to fall back an hour every time I look at my watch.

But today! Today, I get to look at my watch and know it is again correct. I have thought of three solutions to my problem:

#1: The Obvious-don't throw the instructions away.
#2: Buy two watches and immediately set one for daylight savings time and one for regular time.
#3: Get rid of the ridiculous end to daylight savings time!

Cast your vote please. Personally, I think #2 is very creative and #3 is the best solution for many other reasons than just my watch. But that's just me.

**Today's post from the bizarro world has been brought to you by a mother who has lost an hour of sleep.

Friday, March 09, 2007

How Time Flies

My blog will turn two years old on March 30th! I don't post as often as I want to, but have made some great friends along the way and I see a few new ones in my future since I have moved to Oklahoma thanks to the world o blogging.

So let's see, when I started blogging Mini-me was 3, Mini-T was 5 months old and we lived in Texas.

I have moved three times since then and one of those was to another state.

I have gone from being a stay at home mom to a working mommy with a whole new appreciation for the time God has given me with my family.

Hubs has lost in the neighborhood of 45 ponds. I have not. Hubs, who started me into blogging in the first place has long since quit. Maybe there is a correlation there?

I've stopped having time to think about such things that hurt my brain.

(Although T's blog relaunched today so I guess we'll see what happens with the possible theory! I found out last night after initially typing this post.)

I have driven to another state to pick up some new blogging friends and then on to Savannah where we extolled the greatness that is Paula Deen.

I have unnecessarily told Mini-me what a cannibal was.

This post has gotten the most comments ever on my blog.

I have changed the name of my blog from Life As A Stay at Home Mom to Little Bits of Life.

My friends have remained. Thank the Lord. Even the ones from three moves ago. Thank you for keeping up with me Amy and Jennifer! Richelle, Holly, Theresa and Michelle? The importance of your friendship in my life can not be stated enough.

Ok, I'm gonna go before I get really sentimental and blubbery. Happy Birthday Blog!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Book Club Volume 1: Issue 1

I wanted to think of some really catchy title for this, but it just escapes me. Here we are at the first installment of The Bloggity Book Club. I hope everyone was able to get the book finished and enjoyed reading it. But even if you aren't quite done or didn't like it, please feel free to leave your comments and link to your post anyway. I won't throw eggs at your blog if you 'dis on Beth. (Because really, it would just mess my screen up anyway, and you wouldn't know.) So, without further ado....

...what did I think about Beth Moore's new book, Get Out of that Pit? I'll admit I was pretty distracted at first. So much so that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to relate to this book at all. However, about the third chapter, all I could do was look up from inside the many faceted pit I seem to reside.

What I like about Beth (You don't mind if I call her Beth do you? As if we're best friends or something.) is that she's been there, done that. She's not at all preachy. Instead she's practical. Not only does she let you know how to recognize if you are in a pit, but how to get out. I've already started working on her "Cry Out, Confess, Consent" method. We'll see how they turn out in real life. She is good to note that not all deliverance from a pit is instantaneous. More often it takes time; God's time.

I tend to be very indecisive, or wishy washy if you must. I think deep down I knew so much of what she was saying. I have been to that point of crying out, but had never made up my mind to be utterly loyal to the One who is utterly loyal to me. (Ch. 8) The minute I felt the pressure let up, and small tug out of the mud and mire, I stopped looking up. I forgot who had done the tugging in the first place and that I still had a long way to go. It doesn't take long to sink back in the same ole' stuff.

I usually feel so overwhelmed after a book like this. I feel like I need to "fix" everything I don't like about myself right this instant. But Beth is very reassuring about it not being all about me or all up to me. "The most self-disciplined among us may walk in victory for a few weeks out of our need to do the right thing, but it will rarely carry us to the finish line. Each of us will ultimately do what we want to do."

In other words, I'm not a complete loser. I just can't do it on my own. Whew! I was starting to worry. =)

Now for those of you who have your very own post on Get Out of That Pit, please leave a comment and a link to your post about said book, not just a link to your blog, with Mr. Linky!