Friday, February 23, 2007

This Is Your Brain on The Wiggles

Since going back to work one month ago I started praying that God will show me what he wanted me to do with this opportunity. In the past, as a teacher, I generally arrived at school, went to my portable (ESL teachers are almost always in portables) taught, and then went home. I didn't do anything "above and beyond" what employment required, so to speak. No extra duties, no committees--it was just the students and me. Then I went home.

So, when I started back, I was surprised that I suddenly had this yearning to do more and be more as a teacher. And the opportunities just opened themselves up. An email was sent regarding a Master Teacher Book Club of sorts wherein they will be reading The Learning Leader: How to Focus School For Better Results.

At first I ignored the opportunity. After all, I'm in the Bloggity Book Club and reading Beth Moore's new book, and this other book did not sound fun. AT ALL. But, the email came out again and after thinking about it, I figured if Mini-Me and Mini-T are going to be in public school, at least for a while, I better be part of the solution in making schools better. I agreed to join. (I laughed when I had to explain in the email who in the world I was. Most of the teachers don't even know me yet!)

Anyway, I started reading this book last night and realized very quickly my brain cells have been slowly and methodically annihilated after watching more hours of The Wiggles, Hi-5, and Barney than I care to admit. I had to look up at least four words (just in the preface and introduction) and then convince myself that I was not a complete idiot and could handle this. Thank goodness only the first three chapters are due by Tuesday. And unlike high school, I actually plan on reading them.


PEZmama said...

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for making it easy to keep up with your blog by not posting, like EVERY day.

Really, I just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that I am still here. But the thing about making it easier on me is still true....

I do hope you enjoy that book. I'd be up for the Cliff's Notes version if you have any interesting tidbits you'd like to pass on.

Clemntine said...

Two books, two kids and two jobs (mama & teacher). Makes me tired just thinking about it.

BTW, I'm posting from the Marriott Las Colias. Does my hair look bigger since I'm in Texas and all?

Thanks for the encouraging word on my blog, and I will be excited to hear about the simulcast. I think we're both in for a good weekend.

Susie said...

My hats off to you. What an undertaking! If I had to look up more than one word in the first chapter, the book is going to charity. Good for you! I love knowing that there are people like you in the public school system trying to make it better.
PS Did you enjoy Beth yesterday?

Lora said...

hi robin -
i just found your comments that you made on my blog in july - for some reason, they were hidden. shows how computer savvy i am. i just wanted to thank you for commenting and for your encouraging words. i read some of your blog and want to read more after the kids go to bed. i have recently started blogging more regularly. i took a break after we moved. just too busy and had too much morning sickness with baby #3 in my belly...
thanks again and sorry for waiting so long to reply!

jewlsntexas said...

Thanks for the advice about livin' in the hood earlier! I appreciated it and no it wasn't too harsh!
Also - I just read the comments here about the book - I am almost done - but what does it mean to have the first 3 chapters done by Thursday?

janjanmom said...

I am early inwrapping up my review for Get Out of That Pit. I posted it today at

I will try to get back here on the 9th, but we will be getting ready for a TEXAS vacation so I might not get to!